A person’s natal astrology chart provides a cornucopia of information that can be aptly applied to coaching and therapy sessions. The chart may provide a type of roadmap of the personality that can suggest pertinent conversations and direction for a productive hypnotherapy or coaching session.

During the intake interview, a program is consulted to quickly access the natal astrological chart information. I use both the natal chart, and the current transits combined with the natal chart.

Although there are no claims to absolute, unfailing accuracy, from a person’s astrological chart one might discover the following tendencies:

  • Basic personality
  • Communication styles
  • Learning and thought processing
  • Approach to values, finances, money and spending
  • Favored subjects of interest
  • Career choice and directionRelationships with mother and father
  • Emotional make-up and reactions
  • Compatibility with others
  • Spirituality leanings
  • Current stresses and concerns
  • Opportunities for growth and forward movement in life

Discussion about the astrology chart typically takes about 5 minutes out of the two-hour session to allow me to get a very quick glimpse into the personality and tendencies of my client that otherwise may take a long discussion. We can, however, have a longer discussion about the chart if the client is interested.

A full print out of the chart and its interpretation is given in the workbook with the Stellium, Essence, and Zephyr Programs.