Relax, grow, and learn about yourself.

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Explore a Past Life

Delve into the vast landscape of experience and knowledge acquired during your past lives—and transform your present self in the process.

Artistic Creativity

Immerse yourself in artistic expression through any medium−whether you are a professional artist or a total novice. Enter an elevated, imaginative trance state to explore your artistic talents. Then bring back the memory of that skill with you.

Creative Problem Solving

Cut quickly to the heart of any difficult dilemma. Decisions and problems are quickly and creatively resolved by this fascinating journey into your subconscious mind that allows you to imagine fruitful conversations with an expert.

Opening to Prosperity

Magnetize abundance into your life. Imagine if your barriers to financial freedom dissolved, allowing wealth to flow freely and provide you with the security and freedom you desire.

Your Empowerment Symbol

Instantly connect to dynamic courage and confidence! Your personal empowerment symbol will give you the inner strength you need to reach your goals−anywhere, anytime.

Relieve Stress

All stressed out during your hectic day? Deadlines? Blood pressure rising? Reduce stress at will. Take control of your life experience and health, while enhancing your ability to live a productive, active and fully-engaged life.

Effective Weight Loss

Remove the blocks that have sabotaged your weight loss efforts. You have worked hard with varying results – now get to the roots, remove the blocks, and live the life you desire – at your ideal body weight! Two tracks.

Smoke No More

Put yourself back on the path to a long and healthy life—one step at a time. With this effective meditation, you don’t even have to want to quit smoking to start learning your tobacco addiction today!

Restful Sleep

Enjoy deep relaxation to soothe away stress, and then embark on a dreamy journey ending in deep restful sleep. This CD can also be used to initiate lucid dream states.

Control Anger

Temper flaring? Does anger get in the way of your relationships, career, personal happiness? Free yourself from uncontrollable anger and gain mastery of your moods now.

Remove Road Rage

Does the daily commute drive you crazy? Do other drivers push your buttons? You have to drive—you might as well enjoy it! And keep the road safe for all. Now you can!

Ten-minute Energizer

Perfect for a quick break at home or at work, this ten-minute track takes you into deep relaxation and brings you back fully energized and ready for the rest of the day. You’ll feel like you had a refreshing nap from which you emerge refreshed and inspired.

Meditate With Buddha

Enjoy a deep meditation where you go to your safe space to explore and find an empowerment gift. Then proceed to an even deeper sacred area where you will be cleansed in front of a Buddha statue. Continuing even deeper, encounter a living Buddha with whom you will enjoy a deep meditation, receiving insights and wisdom, and receive answers to your questions.

Be In Bliss

Life can be stressful, but you can choose to stay in your bliss state as your “home base”. Create a symbol that will help you to achieve this heavenly state at any time.

Deeper Into Hypnosis

Do you experience resistance to going into trance even though you really want to? Do you wonder whether you can achieve deeper states? Listen to this audio as many times as you would like to become accustomed to various levels of trance, and to experience how different levels feel and appear.

Meditation Guidance

Enjoy this guided meditation that will help you get relaxed and focused, and take you to a deep state to begin your meditation.


Professional Training

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Home Study Certification Training

Add “Certified Past Life Regressionist” to your list of credentials with this comprehensive home-study certification training course.


Mentor Series Workshops

The following are recordings of live professional trainings geared to take your hypnotherapy skills to new levels in specific areas of practice. Most are 2-3 hours of audio plus a workbook. Some include live demonstrations with clients.

Mentor Series: Addictions
Mentor Series: Presenting Workshops
Mentor Series: Fibromyalgia
Mentor Series: Preparing for the Afterlife
Mentor Series: EFT (Tapping)
Mentor Series: Smoking Cessation
Mentor Series: Weight Management
Mentor Series: Initial Client Contact Part 1  – The Discovery Call
Mentor Series: Initial Client Contact Part 2 – Gestalt and the Pre-Induction Conversation