Trust is based on a “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”, according to my online dictionary. 

But what if it isn’t all about trusting others? What if it is about trusting yourself?

Think back to a relationship you have had that went poorly. Your lover abused you, betrayed you, dumped you. We have probably all been there.

Going over the details from the moment that you met this person, if you had listened to your intuition and been fully honest with yourself, at what point would you have all the information that you needed to know that this relationship would end poorly?

Surprisingly – or maybe not – most people say they had all the necessary clues within the first date or encounter. Rarely is a person so good at concealing their nature that they can hide all the evidence!

We can trust people to be exactly who they are. Can you trust yourself to observe their character, and respond accordingly?