So…you have completed your coursework as a hypnotherapist or past life regression specialist…
and now what?

Time to roll up your sleeves and build a thriving soul-centered business!

Feeling stuck? Need a little guidance?  

Your next step just might be

Clarity Coaching for Soulful Hypnotherapists!

I am ready to take on a select number of qualified candidates for private one-on-one intensives who are:

  • Eager to get started building their private hypnotherapy practice
  • Ready to invest in themselves and their business, and will commit to taking it to the next level

If this is you, let’s do this!

My intuition says that you became a hypnotherapist because you have a burning desire to help others in their struggles with life or to guide them to become more aware of themselves and connected to their passions.

That is the true joy and richest return in being in this business. We get to watch people transition from being lost and confused, in pain or in addiction; and to witness them becoming whole, healthy and happy!

We get to go to bed at night knowing that we had a part in the success and well-being of our clients. We have done our part in making this a better world.

The feeling is so gratifying!

Yet, just getting your certification isn’t going to bring crowds of people to your door. People have to learn about youfeel a connection, and see the value in what you have to offer. That is the background work that is taking place behind the scenes—and is required in order to be of service to the multitudes.

Marketing, organizing, legalities…yes—all a part of your career as a hypnotherapist and past life specialist. Oh yes—and making an abundant living while doing what you love!

And this is where I can help you take the leap!

There are so many advantages to being self-employed—freedom to choose your hours and your rates, liberty to build it according to your own vision and passions, business deductions, flexibility, job security. Those are the glamorous aspects. The rest of the story is diligence, vision, productiveness, self-confidence, and knowing the ropes.

I know because I have been self-employed for several decades in several different businesses – Spanish translation services, gemstone trades, a metaphysical bookstore, psychic fairs,  retreats & adventures, book & product development and sales, and, of course, my hypnotherapy practice and trainings.

I’ve been around the block!

I gained visibility, figured out the systems, and achieved a thriving practice with abundant income.

I’ll be honest. For most of the years, as I was building my hypnotherapy practice, I tried to do it on my own. I wore all the hats and slowly figured out, step by step, what it would take to build my business. I did OK for the most part, but I wasted a LOT of money and a LOT of time trying to reinvent the wheel, motivate myself, and figure out the next steps.

I spent time and effort on projects that went nowhere, and spent tons of money on “advisors” who did nothing to change my bottom line

AND then, I connected with a couple of different people who actually did make a difference. Partnering with a seasoned author, I landed my first book deal. Partnering with the right coach, I shifted my business from getting by to extraordinary returns. By hiring the right support staff, my time and energy can be focused on productivity rather than time-consuming tasks.

It took me years, but I have learned that partnering with the right people at the right time was the key to accelerating my  business success.


Here are words from a coaching client who was in a similar situation:

I felt like I was stuck in my business. Mary Lee helped me see through the clouds that were blocking my zest and passion for the business side of my dreams. I cannot say enough about working with Mary Lee. I have known for a long time that I wanted to work with her. She is worth every penny! I came home from our first session and immediately started implementing the things we worked together on. From my heart, thank you deeply.
~ Heather Jones, New View Wellness

What do you need to accelerate your business?

Recently, a number of my former students have told me that they dearly want to start their hypnotherapy practice, yet they are stuck, feeling lost in thewoods without a compass.

They haven’t been able to move ahead because of:

  • insecurities
  • confusion
  • overwhelm
  • not knowing the steps
  • procrastination
  • unsure of their direction

Sound familiar? What is holding you back?

What if the well-being of the world – or even one individual – depended on you being there to help them take their next step? They want and need to overcome an addiction, resolve the roots of their pain, address childhood or relationship issues, step onto their highest and best life path – and they are waiting for you to show up to facilitate that shift.

Yes, waiting for you…You bring a unique energy and skill set to your work. You resonate with specific people who want to work with YOU. 

Indeed the world is waiting for you to show up – to show up and fulfill your life purpose, become fully who you were created to be. And if being a hypnotherapist is your path to your purpose….

Well…what happens if you hold back, give up, shrink away? What if you don’t find the way to reach out to that person who really needs your particular approach and energy?

How are you going to feel at the end of your life, looking back over all that you achieved, and all that you let slip through your fingers?

Because of what?

Now there is a program just for you!

Clarity Coaching for Soulful Hypnotherapists

I am ready to share my secrets of a successful practice. I’ve been there, I have walked that road. And now I am offering to be your guide. I can point out the potholes, and help you over the bumps. I will motivate you when you are weary, and cheer you on as you speed along and reach your goals!

There are two choices:

Choice #1
The Leap

This is the fast track, the deep dive.

We will spend one day together—just you and me—in a VIP session focused on accelerating your business to the next level.

This program is perfect for those of you who need to get a lot of things in place quickly. You want personal attention and need that hard push to launch your business or swiftlytake it to the next level.

You will receive forms in advance to give you a chance to contemplate and write out exactly how you want to spend our time together. This special 5-hour day (plus one 60-minute follow up call) will be tailored to your specific career needs, and can include (and not be limited to):

  • Setting your intentions
  • Pin-pointing your purpose and goals
  • Identifying where you are stuck, and why
  • Moving you through your roadblocks
  • Identifying your niche and target clients
  • Completing any legalities like registration, certification, business licensing, insurance policies, etc.
  • Setting up systems for filing, record keeping, and other office procedures.
  • Working on confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, energetic alignment
  • Setting rates
  • Creating programs and offerings for your clients
  • Getting started on your preferred newsletter platform and building your list
  • Composing and/or editing copy for your newsletters, webpages, marketing materials
  • Preparing for and practice delivering workshops
  • Guidance on creating products – audio, video, books
  • Honing your skill sets
  • Visualizations and/or hypnotherapy and other techniques to shift your mindset
  • Locating resources and collaborative partners
  • Coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch are all included
  • And so much more!

It is all about you and what you require in order to take the leap and swim with the big fish!

Choice #2
The Trek

This track is powerfully slow and sustained. Movement is happening, and yet there is time to witness the unfolding of plans, navigate the environment, correct the course, and measure progress.

This will be perfect for you if you have most systems in order and now need motivation, fresh ideas, a sounding board, clarity on decisions, accountability, and breakthroughs.

We will meet, one-on-one, weekly, by phone for 60-minute calls over a period of 3 months (a total of 12 sessions), and stay sharply focused on your current needs. These may include (and not be limited to):

  • Staying focused and true to your goals
  • Creating more value in your offerings
  • Generating more clients
  • Support with difficult clients
  • Sustaining confidence and progress
  • Copy-editing for articles, blog posts, webpages, newsletters
  • Launching a new program
  • Brainstorming, creativity, inspiration
  • Meeting challenges and removing blocks
  • Figuring out the next step
  • Locating resources and assistants
  • And any other issue you are facing

It is difficult being a solo-preneur because you have to create the ideas, make the decisions, and implement them all on your own. This program gives you a companion and guide on the journey to your success!

It’s all about steady and sustained forward movement toward your passions, goals, and success!

The Details

A powerful boost to your career success is to start with The Leap, followed about a month later by The Trek. Quickly get all systems in place and launched, and then have support in sustaining that growth and progress.

If you are in business or are at the launch phase, these programs are likely a business deduction. Please check with your accountant.

Act Now!

The longer you wait to start, the longer it will be before you see your business grow. And remember, the world is waiting for you to show up!

In the words of another coaching client:


I was fortunate to listen to my clear "Yes" during her free 30-miute Discovery Call to invest in my business when I traveled 300 miles one-way to work with her in February 2017. My business had been struggling significantly for two years and in January a friend of mine and student of Mary Lee's contacted me suggesting I work with Mary Lee to help my business be successful.

The 8-hour day I spent with Mary Lee was very significant in the turning around of my business. My income tripled as a direct result of working with Mary Lee LaBay. I also experienced one very powerful hypnotherapy session with Mary Lee as a part of my 8-hour day with her. Five months later, I am still experiencing benefits from my one hypnotherapy session and the hours of work we did together to co-create my successful business practices. I love seeing my income keep growing and growing with ease because of the work I did with her. I can actually pinpoint the huge shift that happened directly to the Clarity Coaching I did with her.

I am so completely grateful for Mary Lee, for the prayers I prayed asking for help and the Unverse responded by providing me with Mary Lee LaBay. I love what I created because of our work together. I highly recommend working with Mary Lee LaBay!
~ Kevin Elbert, Hypnosis by Kevin Elbert



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