Frustrated that you can’t communicate directly with your spirit guides?

Yearning for guidance from above, but can’t seem to break through?

Wondering why others can do it and you can’t?

Are you spending a lot of money getting others to give you the message?

Imagine having clear communication with spiritual counselors – right now – who have a grander perspective of your life, your path and your spiritual growth.

You are just one decision away from
making that 
come true for you!

Spirit guides have a desire to help us live our true path. They, too, yearn to have a deep and powerful relationship with you. And yet, when their communication is not received, or is mistakenly translated, it is frustrating and disappointing to them as well.

This  instant download was recorded at a live workshop, and contains 3 audios and an informative guidebook with worksheet to record your experiences.

In this fascinating and experiential course, learn:

  • who are your spirit guides
  • where spirit guides come from
  • how long they stay with us
  • how we change our spirit guides – and why
  • their purpose in being with us
  • why we block the communication
  • specific directions for greater clarity in your communications with them


Then, you will experience:

  • a lengthy guided visualization to meet  and speak with your spirit guide.
  • explore their appearance
  • what they wish to be called
  • their purpose in being with you
  • spend time speaking with them
  • receive a signal that they will use in the future to alert you to their presence when they want to speak to you during your daily life

You can access these abilities for the rest of your life.

Have the wisdom and support of your guides
whenever and wherever you want!

Spirit Guides can help you improve your choices, connect more fully with your own spirituality and gain a strong sense of purpose and meaning.

Enjoy the guided meditation whenever you want to deepen your contact with your spirit guides—or when you are ready to discover new ones as you advance along your spiritual journey.

“I didn’t know this was possible until now – and you made it so easy! ” ~ Ted, UT

“Thank you for the work that you do – you have inspired me in so many ways. You make the concept of spirit guides very clear, and being able to speak with my own guides has really changed my life.”  ~ Laura M., WA

“That was so awesome! I have felt my guides around me, but could never get their messages. Now I feel their signal frequently, and in my meditation time can tap right into them. Now I just have to work on seeing them all the time. I’m working on it!”  Mary, Portland, OR

Gain the wisdom and assistance of your Spirit Guides through this fascinating experiential workshop. Learn skills you will cherish for a lifetime.

Your investment in this lifelong skill and spiritual relationship:  $54.95

Access your Instant Download now.