Do you have problems managing your moods?
Is uncontrolled anger getting in the way of career advancement,
lasting friendships, or a joyful family life?
Do you know why you get angry?

Once you understand the true root cause, and your triggers, you can choose responses that will improve your life experiences, relationships, and your health.

Using practical and specialized techniques, you will uncover the hidden, underlying causes of your anger.

  • What internal and external benefits do you get from your anger?
  • How does anger prevent you from getting what you really want?

You may be surprised at your deeper motivations!

As the visualization continues, you will remove the internal triggers that lead to anger responses and replace them with desired positive behaviors.

Act now!  Using this proven therapeutic guided visualization, you will quickly create the emotional life that will bring you happiness, health and success.

“A loved one pointed out to me that I had an anger problem. I didn’t even recognize it because it was such a natural response to life events. I was surprised to learn the roots of this reaction, and knowing them, it was easier to change my ways. I have to say that my life has become easier, I get more of what I really want, and my family life is calmer. Every one I know could benefit from going through this CD a few times. Thanks for changing my life! And my wife thanks you too!”
~ Ken F., MA

“I have to admit I was skeptical. I didn’t think a meditation CD would make any difference. My father was an angry man, and I am sure that is where I got it – from a very early age. But I knew I had to make a change. My job depended on it, but I couldn’t afford therapy sessions. What a surprise to find out this is so effective. Life has gotten a lot more fun!”
~ Linda, Washington

Temper flaring? Does anger get in the way of your relationships, career, personal happiness? Free yourself from uncontrollable anger and gain mastery of your moods now.

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