Imagine what it would feel like to be slender and fit, and to get there without all the struggle and self-sabotage you have experienced in the past. Studies show clearly that weight gain has psychological and emotional components that will undermine you at every turn.

You can change that now. Use your mind to achieve your perfect body by identifying and removing negative thought and behavior patterns. Make the changes last this time. Begin making choices from the perspective of wellness and self-actualization.

Through the two tracks of this CD, Mary Lee can help you reach your weight loss goals.

In the first track, you explore your body and uncover the true reasons why your efforts have not paid off. Why do you gain weight? What benefits do you get from overeating and carrying extra weight? Learn the truth so that you can begin to heal. You can listen again whenever you experience barriers to achieving your goals.

In the second track, you use visualization techniques to make deep, subconscious changes in your perceptions, thought patterns and emotions so that your body will respond more quickly to your diet and exercise programs. You will use role modeling to envision a realistic and attainable future self—an ideal self who can make the right decisions for your health and future wellness. Listen to this track often to support you in achieving your goals.

No matter what you’ve tried in the past, this can be the weight-loss approach that works for you! Gain rapid results when used in conjunction with your healthy diet and exercise regimen.

“What can I say? It has been amazing. I have only listened to the first track twice. I got the information that I needed to get beyond all the things that made me fail in dieting in the past. Listening to the second track has been my companion on the journey. It calms and relaxes me, gives me something solid to focus on (instead of eating), and has given me the opportunity to experience my new body over and over. It has become a reality and is more comfortable than my fatter body, so the choices in foods and activities are easier to make. I even look forward to my work outs. Now that is a miracle! Thank you, Mary Lee.”  ~ Barbara, San Rafael, CA

“I just started using the Weight Loss CD. Just wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying it. I have shared it with my Weight Watchers group, so don’t be surprised if they all order one.”

~ Connie, Spokane, WA

Remove the blocks that have sabotaged your weight loss efforts. You have worked hard with varying results – now get to the roots, remove the blocks, and live the life you desire – at your ideal body weight!

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