Dear Soulful Seeker,

Do you desire to step into the bright shining spirit that you were created to be at the beginning of time and space?

Are you someone who is:

  • outwardly successful and yet still lacking a highly-valued piece of your soul, self awareness, or spiritual connection?
  • low on energy and passion—and needing a deeper connection to your life?
  • feeling stuck and ready to break out into the best version of YOU?
  • working hard but searching for clues to  your true soul’s purpose?
  • wanting clarity around your relationships and the karmic ties you have created with them?
  • well-liked in your community, and yet know you are struggling to find your authentic self?
  • ready to take a big leap forward in your self-awareness and spiritual development and only want to work with the best facilitator?

Step into my Essence: Authenticity & Purpose private VIP program.

Engage in the art of sacred selfishness as you identify and align with your personal values, disengage from expectations of others, explore lifetimes to integrate your true essence, wisdom & empowerment, and draw a map to fulfilling your soul’s intended purpose.

Hi there. My name is Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D.

Thirty years ago I was living as a housewife in a large home with all the amenities. I had a Mercedes, traveled the world, and had a full-time housekeeper and a part-time nanny for my children.

I had acquired everything that I was told was supposed to create my dream life. But I was unhappy, felt disconnected, and had no idea about my purpose. I didn’t know what I was here to do or to accomplish, and I didn’t feel good about myself.

Other than managing the household and picking up my kids at school, I didn’t have a purpose. I didn’t even have a sense of the purpose of being alive. And I knew there had to be more than this to life.

The interesting thing was that I had read all the books and studied tarot, astrology, and even eastern philosophy, yet I still didn’t understand how to integrate that into my personal life. I didn’t know what was I supposed to do with all that information, and most of all, I didn’t know who I was.

All of that changed one day.

I found a spiritual mentor who I could trust and who had the wisdom and skills to help me navigate my life path. I jumped in with both feet and fully invested in myself.

It was the most worthwhile investment I’ve made in many life times.  I gained self-esteem and understanding of my purpose, and began to walk that path joyfully.

I went from being a lost housewife and mother to creating a successful, purposeful career, and experiencing a deep and profound connection to my true essence and a greater connection to my spiritual world.

New you next exit, sign depicting a new change in life

Most of all, I gained a deeper understanding of who I am, and the courage and confidence to go out into the world to build a lifestyle based on my passions and purpose.

Today I am a 5-time published author, a spiritual life coach, and a clinical hypnotherapist with a PhD in Behavioral Psychology. I work with individuals who long to connect with the passions of their soul, and are ready to step into the lifestyle they were created to experience.

This is WHY I created Essence: Authenticity & Purpose!

My mission is to facilitate your inner journey of self-discovery. I know how to help you take your life from “Wandering” to “WOW!” I want you to witness your true essence, live from a place of authenticity, and walk a path of passion and purpose.

Why now?

If you are fed up with being fed up, then your time is now. If you know there is something more and you are here for a divine purpose, then your time is now. If you have been drawn to working with me and to having this experience, then why not now?

Today can be the day you make the choice to transform and step into the ESSENCE of who you truly are.

It’s your time and you CAN live the life that was meant for you.

To apply for this program today, email   or
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ESSENCE:   ˈesəns| noun

Origin: Late Middle English via Old French from Latin essentia, from esse ‘to be’.

the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of a thing that determines its character.

in philosophy: a property or characteristic of something that is fundamental to what it is, and without which it would not exist.

an extract or concentrate!!

ESSENCE: Authenticity & Purpose is for you if:

  • you know it is time for a change because something’s got to give!
  • you’re ready to transform what is not working in your life!
  • you’re willing to do deep, spiritual, soulful work because you accept that there is more to life than what you see around you!
  • you’re yearning to experience a higher vibration, and create a deeper connection to your Self and to the spiritual world!
  • you crave inner peace, congruency, and a high level of self-worth!
  • you are ready to step into a deep level of support by an experienced sought-after mentor who can bring clarity into your life, help you clear away blocks, and shine a light for you to walk your unique intended path!

Your program will be specifically tailored to your needs and goals, and may result in such things as:

  • greater insights into who you are, your character, and the basis of your values and choices
  • insights into your personal and professional relationships and how they can be improved
  • clear up karmic issues and get out of limiting cycles of behavior
  • explore your past lives and the time between lives to discover your purpose and connect with your empowered essence
  • change your future course, to step into the life you dream of and deserve!
  • take a spirit journey to reveal profound messages from your higher Self and gaze into your future
  • experience a soul retrieval to regain energy and fragments of your soul that have been lost or given away
  • raise your vibration and expand your consciousness
  • step onto the path of your authentic Self, the bright shining spirit you were created to be

Here are some of the profound results my clients have reported after working with me:

(Identities must be masked due to therapeutic confidentiality.)

“My life has changed beyond my expectations!”

“Mary Lee, I am truly grateful for the work that we have done together. My life has changed beyond my expectations! Although I came to you for help in resolving an issue with my colleague, I came away embodying a new and sparkling version of my self, better personal boundaries (still working on these), and options for handling these work situations without all the stress. I know I will see you again when life throws me the next curve ball! Meanwhile, thank you for what you have done for my life.” ~ Terry S.

“My life has gotten so much better since I came to see you…
I forget how stressful my life was before.”

“I wanted to write you now that some time has passed since our sessions together. My life has gotten so much better since I came to see you that sometimes I forget how stressful my life was before. You’ll remember my marriage was on the rocks and I had one foot out the door. Your techniques allowed me to see my past lives with my husband and why we are together again now. I realized the lessons that we had to work through, and I also realized my part in the problems. Thank you so much for gently and firmly guiding me to important realizations and to resolving our troubles. We have moved to …. and I just wanted you to know that we are still together, happy, and working through the stuff of life—now with some valuable tools I took away from our sessions.” ~ Liz P.

“I feel great about what I have accomplished.”

“I am totally exhausted, but have stood up for myself with my siblings in this dispute over my mother’s estate. I’ve even moved beyond my tendency to hoard, and been able to sort through her things and prioritize the items I ‘need and want’ and not just take things for Dandelion clock dispersing seedmyself unless I can use it. I feel great about what I have accomplished. Thanks for the nice words of encouragement! And I know I would not have been as strong and accomplished in this without our sessions!” ~ Kim L.

“She is so intuitive, it feels like magic.”

I already knew Mary Lee as a wonderful teacher, when I decided to use her professional help. I would highly recommend Mary Lee to anyone who is serious about their personal transformation. She brings into sessions her unique life experience, warm and caring personality, deep intuition and spirituality. She is very accepting and knows how to hold space for you to allow personal healing. She is your gentle and knowledgeable guide equally skilled in leading you through exploration of your memories or your past lives. This goes beyond skills. She is so intuitive, it feels like magic.         ~  Anna M.

“It has only been a few days since I began working with you, but the results have been profound.”

“The past-life regression session you did with me was very powerful. Going to a former life that my wife and I had together made very clear the nature of the problems we are having in this life and what I need to do to resolve them. Just seeing and understanding that was highly beneficial. But the healing you did with me around that has given me the energy to go forward to make the changes I need to, instead of just continuing in my old ways. I felt so inspired and empowered that when I got home, I went immediately to work on the steps needed to change my life. It has only been a few days since I began working with you, but the results have been profound. I want to thank you deeply for your help, and I look forward to continuing my work with you!” ~ Richard T.

“You have helped me open some big doors in my life!”

“I’m still processing all that we uncovered in our session, and I am blown away! The past life in Ireland explained so much about my fears around having children, and being able to now speak with my spirit guide is a gift I will cherish forever. I’m still able to get messages from her. It is not quite as clear as in our session, but I will keep practicing. This has been a big experience for me and it’s like you have helped me open some big doors in my life in what I know about myself and what I can move forward with my life. I have a lot to think about! Thank you, Mary Lee!” ~Vanessa S.

Here is what you can expect from your private Essence experience:

In this half-day (approximately 3 hours) deep and profound immersive experience we will launch into your journey to returning to your true essence.

Together, we will set the intention and focus for our time together. I will take your birth information in advance, so I can create your personally-tailored playbook that will include your astrology birth chart along with a printed interpretation. Also provided in your personalized playbook are activities and exercies to deepen your integration of your experiences during our time together and catalyze your studies for some time to come.

From the moment you step into the session, you’ll be carefully placed into an energetic sphere of protection and support that will allow you to do your deep personal work. In this nurturing environment, we’ll set the stage for raising your vibration as you begin to shift into a more fully authentic version of yourself.

This is a sacred space where  confidentiality is of the utmost priority. Further, all your creature comforts will be provided, allowing you to feel safe and comfortable as you plunge deeply into your greater consciousness.

Specifically tailored to your unique needs, your session may include:

  • a discussion of your astrology chart with a look at current planetary transits to prepare for opportunities and challenges
  • guided visualizations, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, to create breakthroughs in self-awareness and bust through life’s roadblocks
  • past life and between life regression to deepen self-awareness, raise consciousness, resolve relationships, or gain insights to soul purpose and soul mates
  • intuitive and tarot card readings for clarity, a glimpse into the future, and answers to burning questions

We will then schedule our post-Essence consultation for approximately one week later to close the circle of our energetic space. In this one-hour phone consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and reveal insights and breakthroughs to ensure that your experiences are well-integrated and deeply rooted as you move forward in life.3

ESSENCE: Authenticity & Purpose includes:

  • Private one-on-one Essence experience with Mary Lee (approximately 3 hours) combining any or all of the following, uniquely-tailored to your personal needs and goals: skills and techniques of hypnotherapy, NLP, energy work, Gestalt therapies, guided visualization, EFT (tapping), astrology, tarot, intuition, past and between  life regression, sacred journeys, soul retrieval, spirit guides, spirit releasement, discussion, and more.
  • Post-Essence follow up phone consultation to ensure integration of the experiences (approximately 1 hour)
  • VIP Wishlist to clarify and focus your thoughts, intentions, and goals in writing before our time together.
  • Tarot and Astrology Consultation and intuitive discussions as useful throughout the Essence vision quest session.
  • Snacks, beverages
  • Expert guide with 30+ years of spiritual training and professional experience to provide a multitude of techniques that are specifically tailored to achieve the greatest results.
  • Email support as needed for integration of the work.
  • Materials including personalized playbook, astrology chart with printed interpretation, and integrative home study activities and exercises.

And this bonus to support you:

One year of free access to Awareness Engineering Membership Site (Value: $99.95) My exclusive membership site has a variety of guided meditations for you to enjoy at any time, including for weight loss, relieving stress, prosperity, spirit guides, journeying,  deepening your meditations, finding your bliss, and my favorite, meditating with Buddha.  You can also listen to numerous excerpts from my live workshops and professional trainings.


Only five ESSENCE:  Authenticity & Purpose programs are scheduled each month to provide the highest level of attention to the details of your experience.

Location Options: Essence sessions are held at met luxurious home/office, a comfortable and nurturing setting.

I am also open to traveling to your location, meeting in an exotic place you have always dreamed of visiting, or some other creative idea – at an additional fee.

You can also choose to experience your Essence program over Skype or a similar platform – perfect for those of you outside the greater Seattle area.

Schedule a call today to secure your spot!dots