past life country

You know I am passionate about exploring past lives. I’m aware of dozens of my own, and have explored many ways to access and deepen those memories.

When you get a sense that you have lived somewhere, or had some talent, passion, or occupation, you can enhance your ability to recall even more by adding corresponding cultural music, art, or food. Traveling to the location is a wonderful bonus, but that isn’t always available to us.

I had a recent experience that helped me connect to one of my own past lives.

My daughter was inspired to give me a kit to plant and grow a bonsai tree. It wasn’t anything I would have initiated for myself, but it was rather intuitive for her to see. Somewhere deep inside of her she knew there was a connection, and that this simple activity would bring me enjoyment. 

I spent a very relaxing day with my daughter getting acquainted with the lovely new bonsai tree, and it was a wonderful experience.

Relaxing into the experience, a few things were clicking into place for me. It’s difficult to explain the effect that connecting with a piece of one of your past lives can have on your mood; it’s a mix of nostalgia and comfort with a feeling of exploration and wonder.

As you explore your past lives, you may start to cultivate a strong affinity to one or more of the cultures in which you lived before this lifetime. Adding activities to that relate to that exploration connects you more strongly, allowing the memories to arise with even more dimensionality and detail.

While I highly recommend traveling to those past life locations whenever possible, there are still a few ways to quell the yearning if you can’t.  One of these ways is to make a past life travel vision board! 

Making a vision board for traveling to a country in which you spent a past life is a great way to curb your cabin fever and connect with a piece of your soul’s history all at once. Then, once you are able to plan an actual trip, you’ll be ready to make the most of your visit because you’ll have  forged a preliminary connection to the physical spaces.

How to Get Started

To get yourself started, I suggest buying a map and travel guide to the country/state for which you’re making your vision book. Having physical guides at your disposal is helpful for the visualization process. You can even use the map as the background for the vision board itself, using it to pin or glue pictures and objects to the various sites you hope to visit.

Once you have your materials (Huffington Post has a helpful guide on what you’ll need for the project, as well as more information on the effectiveness of creating vision boards), look up some music from the target culture and set it to play in the background while you work. This will help set the mood.

Next, it’s time to put on your thinking cap and do some research! Use a travel guidebook, as well as websites like TripAdvisor, to find popular historical sites, markets, and other landmarks. As you go through the various attractions, take a moment to close your eyes and envision yourself there. Does it evoke a strong reaction deep inside? If so, this is a place you’ll want to visit in person–so find a great picture and put it on the board!

If you have any souvenirs or trinkets that remind you of the subject of your vision board, adding them to the project can greatly enhance the effectiveness. Once you’ve filled the board, consider writing a mantra at the bottom that connects you to the place. Then place your finished product somewhere you can access as often as you need and let the law of attraction work through you to bring you to your past life’s home.

As you work on your vision board, allow your mind to go into a meditative trance state. Perhaps you are drawn to images, thoughts, memories, and curiosities. Perhaps you conjure memories of events and relationships. There is a lot of room for ah-ha moments, too! Allow it all to unfold as you connect with your experiences and adventures in your past life home.

Have you tried making a past life vision board? Feel free to share your experiences below!

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