Do you instantly like or dislike certain people? Do you find yourself drawn to certain occupations but don’t know why?

Have you ever known something you’ve never learned—the layout of an ancient city or certain historical facts? You could be sensing the effects of your past lives on your present experience!

Who you were in the past has powerful implications for who you are today. During this CD, Mary Lee guides you on a gentle, meditative journey into a previous lifetime. Find out who you were, your occupation, gender, activities and events, the year and location. This fascinating and informative process can be repeated as many times as you like for new discoveries and insights.

Learning about your past lives can help you:

  • Uncover hidden talents.
  • Understand your relationships.
  • Explain and deal with phobias.
  • Find origins of positive or negative karma that you might be working through in the present.
  • Cyclical patterns of behavior repeated throughout other lifetimes.

Your past lives will reveal valuable information and give insights for your journey of self-discovery—start exploring them right away!


“I have enjoyed being able to go into a past life anytime, at home, during my meditation time. Thank you so much. Your voice is soothing and I am loving the experience!”
~ Becky, Boise, ID

“I have had trouble in the past trying to achieve a past life, but since using your CD, I have been able to do it every time!”
~ Lindsay, Petaluma, CA

“Thank you for making this so accessible to us. I have had three different past life experiences so far, and a couple of times I went to the same lifetime and got even more information. This information has helped me in many areas of my life.”
~ Teresa, St. Paul, MN

“Somewhere beyond the walls of your everyday mind live delicious adventures of other places and times. Mary Lee LaBay, as your own personal guide, takes you there. She lovingly shows you why, where and how you can make the journey of your lifetimes with joy and grace. She makes it easy for you to go there so you may swoon in the reverie of what you find. Now you can answer powerful and eternal questions of “why am I here?” “where did I come from?” and “where am I going?” for yourself. It is like deja vu all over again, or rather should we call it vuja de? Have a lovely trip! ”
~ Happy Customer on


Delve into the vast landscape of experience and knowledge acquired during your past lives—and transform your present self in the process.


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