Exploring your past lives can have more significant value than just touring your memories.

Discover the amazing odyssey of the soul as it moves in and out of physical lifetimes. Based on research with over a thousand clients plus my own experiences, gain the latest information concerning:

•  The 3 most important reasons for recalling and integrating soul aspects.

•  What are hub aspects and how they affect your purpose.

•  How healing can occur in other lifetimes to resolve issues now.

•  How to increase your energetic mass and your personal authenticity for greater empowerment and success. 

Half of the class time will be spent in an experiential visualization that allows you to safely explore one or more of your own past lives and the time between lives. Please register early so enough  handouts are available, dress comfortably, and bring a journal. 



Come to class with a curious and open mind – and learn new and amazing things about yourself.

Consult the Calendar for dates and locations this workshop is offered.