Exploring Past Lives 1Exploring Past Lives: Your Soul’s Quest for Consciousness

As seen on Oprah, the exploration of past lives enhances and deepens self-knowledge. When combined with the supporting philosophical and conceptual foundations, this same exploration may provide a powerful means for expanding consciousness as well as providing present life healing, self-awareness, and fulfillment of potential.

From a broader perspective, we have only one life–an individual soul’s consciousness and existence on a continuum, divided into phases that we call lifetimes, much like a large book that is divided into chapters.

What do we do to ensure that our memories are going to be worthwhile?  What are we doing to add depth, growth, expansion, balance, and love of self and life to our soul’s experience?

And how can we be assured of retaining past memories, lessons, and knowledge, while maintaining the full context in which this life is playing out?

“…a total breakthrough for me…”
“I LOVE your book “Exploring Past Lives” and am learning so much from your expertise on this subject. I have been yearning for spiritual growth for years and this book is a total break-through for me. I just could not go forward with conventional religious spiritual teaching. Your counsel makes so much more sense and I am actually excited about where this journey will lead. Thank you so much Mary Lee. You are a blessing!!!!”
~ Melanie Larsen 

In Exploring Past Lives: A Soul’s Quest for Consciousness, Dr. LaBay gathers knowledge, concepts, research, and experience from over 20 years of personal exploration and clinical practice. Now you can gain a firm foundation of the subject, along with concise strategies for exploring your own past life and between life memories. Even take a peek into the memories and experiences of others as you deepen your understanding of this fascinating and vital aspect of your soul’s quest for consciousness.

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