During the evening of May 21st (on the Pacific coast), the Sun moved into Gemini ♊️
As we enter into Gemini, we know fun times are in store. Playful, curious Gemini lives in childlike wonder, and is often distracted by the next shiny thing. If you are a Gemini, boredom may seem like your nemesis, and decisions are also a bit tricky. You want it all!
The energy is electric, and you will do anything to avoid being bored! Choosing one path, or door to walk through, feels like you will miss out on all the other adventures being offered! The only way is to just choose, enjoy it, and know you can go through another door farther down the road.
I personally have a lot of affection for the Gemini’s in my life––and I do seem to attract them! My dad, my ex, my present husband. All Geminis. Other loves along the way, and many of my friends. It’s a good combination for my native Aquarius Sun.
My dad was a typical Gemini: He was clever, loved to tease and play funny pranks, and wrote playful poems that he would attach to presents (I have a file of poems written to my kids, mother, brother and me). When he would come to stay, he would walk around the house with a hammer, screw driver and a paint brush, fixing up all the little things that were dinged up or weren’t working properly. He used all the Gemini kinetic energy productively, and was happy as a clam if he had lots of projects.
For all of us, this is the season where we are naturally going to feel more playful, get inspired to learn something new, and start projects that keep our hands busy. Use this season to work off excess energy, connect to childlike wonder, and have some fun!