My philosophy is that our bodies are a most precise instrument of communication between the conscious and the subconscious minds. If we pay attention to what is happening on all levels—body, mind, emotions, energetic—we can have all the information needed to make corrections and adjustment, to create sustainable happiness and wellness.

Gestalt Therapy, developed by Fritz Perls and others, is a practice of acute mindfulness applied within the therapy setting.

Throughout the session, awareness is drawn to the present experience, both for the client and for the therapist, on all levels mentioned above.  As the discussion continues around the topic of the session, the participants engage in “high noticing” of the internal responses experienced. When combined with hypnotherapy, this is a powerful protocol for responding immediately to the signals produced through the wisdom of the subconscious mind—and making the desired changes and corrections.

On a deeper level, it is engaging with and responding to the intuitive wisdom of the higher consciousness.