Imagination and Creativity

How does hypnosis help imagination and creativity?

Writer’s block, thinking inside the box, and seeing scant options in your future. All these stem from a limitation in imagination and creativity.

Interestingly, people often say they don’t have an imagination. True, it may be underdeveloped or stifled. However, everyone has an imagination. Without it, we would be unable to communicate at all.

As an example, when your dining companion says, “Pass the ketchup”, you reach out, grab the ketchup, and hand it to the person. Do you wonder what that has to do with imagination?

Your mind perceived the request, and then drew up a mental picture of something that would represent ketchup out of your memory banks. You looked around and found a duplicate image that matched closely enough to be identifiable, perhaps sitting right in front of you on the table. Then your mind went on to imagine the act of grabbing the bottle and handing it over to your friend. Finally, your body executed the action. There are many more steps that the brain instantaneously goes through in order to achieve such a simple act, which are beyond the scope of this book. However, the point is that we are using our imaginations on a daily basis.

We spend time imagining what are friends or children are doing, we imagine what our vacation will be like as we book the trip. If you are a worrier, you have a fertile imagination! Worry is a strong form of imagination–negative imagination! Imagine simply means to form a mental picture.

Enhancing our Imagination and Creativity

What we will discuss here, though, is how to expand that basic skill into something grander and more adventuresome.

That next step is creativity. While imagining is forming a mental picture, which could be something new or something that you have already seen, creating is making something out of nothing.

To create is to take your imagination one step further, to produce an image, story, or item that has not existed before.

Like any skill, talent, or muscle, there are wonderful benefits when imagination and creativity are strengthened and maintained.

Strategies to expand and exercise the imagination

  • Practice creative visualization

Listen to guided visualization audios. Rather than being passive in the process, encourage your mind to really embellish the journey, adding details, images, emotions, curiosity, and surprises.

Visualization audios are widely available online and from your favorite music sources. Some libraries have them available at no charge. There is a variety of guided visualizations on my Awareness Engineering Membership Site.

  • Make up stories

Practice writing fictional stories with outlandish characters and environments. Allow the story to go beyond all possibility of reason or reality. The wilder it is, the better. Remember there are no limitations and no judgments concerning style in this exercise.

Volunteer to tell stories to your children, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren. You may even have to borrow a child from one of your friends! It can be great fun and you may become the children’s hero for delighting them with your flights of fancy. Naturally, you will keep your stories age appropriate.

  • Read Fantasy Fiction

Reading science fiction stories requires a fertile imagination. This genre of tales involves descriptions of characters, landscapes, vehicles, machinery, and adventures that have rarely, if ever, been seen or experienced in this world. Some people consider reading science fiction a waste of time. In reality, it is a valuable tool in expanding the imagination.

Hypnotherapy, Imagination, and Creativity

Imagination and creativity are greatly enhanced through the use of hypnotherapy. During the session, the analytical left brain gives over to the dreamier right brain. Beyond the natural enhanced ability to visualize, the session can target the development of the imagination and enhance creative perspectives and images.

Some years ago, I had the pleasure of working with an author who was working on a vampire novel. She was stuck in the process and needed a creative boost. During the session, I had her imagine being right inside the scene where the characters were stuck. There, the story started to unfold as if she were an observer in the scene. She described the setting, the action, and the dialogue, while I took notes as fast as I could. At the end of the session, she had completed a chapter.

It turned into weekly sessions, with her developing the plot and carrying the story forward, and then going home to edit and write further. Together we produced 19 chapters for her novel, and she sent it off to her publisher by her deadline.

I have had the honor of helping guitarists, pianists, and painters, and others, to expand the limits of their imagination to bring forth new levels of their creativity. In similar fashion, enhancing imagination and creativity has helped entrepreneurs to build a unique approach to marketing, parents to interact with their children differently, and couples to develop their relationships on their own terms, and not the way it has been done before.

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