Hypnosis is a direct method of gaining access to the workings of the subconscious mind. Through hypnotherapy new pathways can be created and new learning gained, leading to healthier lifestyles, more positive attitudes, success and happiness. Hypnotherapy can also provide the opportunity to discover your past lives, patterns, choices, relationships, purpose in life, and much more.

You may be surprised to find that Hypnotherapy is much different from what you might see on television. No slumped bodies, clucking like chickens or sitting on a stiffened body lying between two chairs. That is “stage hypnosis”. In reality, hypnotherapy is a different track, although some of the same induction techniques may be applied.

Using one of a number of gentle induction techniques, you will find yourself relaxing into a wonderful peaceful state. Once there, we can begin to explore problematic events and enhance wonderful ones. The results can be that you develop new, more useful, perceptions of your experiences, or desensitize the emotions around traumatic ones.

Terms you may find in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

Regression—going back to an earlier time.

Affect bridge—using an emotion or physical sensation to take you back to earlier, similar experiences

Guided imagery—imaginative, descriptive story to guide you to a relaxing, safe space or somewhere else useful to your session.

Induction—a gentle guided visualization to allow you to become centered and focused, and enter a meditative state.

Safe Space—an imaginary place you create that brings you a sense of relaxation, protection, and connection to your higher self.

Empowerment Symbol—a gift given by your higher consciousness that brings you specific energy and character traits to assist you throughout the session and your life moving forward.

Past Life Regression—going back through time to previous lifetimes, or experiences beyond this lifetime.

Inner Child Work—revisiting childhood memories and nurturing that part of you may have experienced difficulties.

Soul Retrieval—identifying traumatic events that caused you to effectively lose fragments of your energy, or a part of your character (such as “innocence,” “trust,” “independence”), resolving that trauma, and reintegrating that aspect into your life.

Swish—used typically with phobias and unwanted habits, it anchors new responses to troublesome stimuli.

Secondary Gains—discovery of the underlying benefits and detriments that are associated with any behaviors or conditions being experiences and that may sabotage efforts to change.

Parts Therapy—rapidly aids in decision-making, and any inner conflict. Appropriate anytime you find yourself saying, “A part of me wants to do this, and another part of me wants to do that.”

Object Imagery— using the sensations of pain or blocks to create an image that can deliver a message and be resolved to healthier functionality.

Reverse metaphor—allows the subconscious mind to relate a message to the conscious mind through story telling. Also useful in dream interpretation.

Desensitization—reduces the reactions and responses to trauma, PTSD, fears and phobias.

Spirit Journey—using storytelling,  metaphors, and symbols in the imagination and the higher consciousness to reveal insights about your past, present, and future life path.

Understand the obstacles,
and find the surest way to surmount or bypass them.


My philosophy holds that each of us were created like a bright, clear prism of light, shining and radiating a rainbow of colors.  Throughout time we have accumulated extraneous “stuff.” Our prisms now carry fingerprints, smudges, dust, and mud.

I see my role as assisting you in discovering what needs to be removed,
what needs to be shaped a little differently, and where your soul needs to be polished up, returning you to your pure resourceful best Self.


My skill set allows me to hold the space, lend additional energy,
and hand you the tools to do the job.

It is a beautiful and life-changing experience!