A popular text on Hypnotherapy and NLP

As more and more people discover the relief that hypnosis can bring to an array of physical and emotional problems, there is a growing need for qualified practitioners.

In this comprehensive text, Mary Lee presents her rigorous, effective yet uniquely organic approach to hypnotherapy. It is a method that invites clients to participate in their own healing and helps therapists remain relaxed and fully present during sessions, enabling an unfolding process of discovery.

Using this detailed guide, you will gain confidence and competence in skills that will take your healing arts practice to the next level. Hospice caregivers, nurses, doctors, coaches, psychics—anyone in a human potential or health care field can use hypnotherapy to better serve their patients and clients.

This book includes everything you need to get started, from establishing an appropriate office atmosphere to how to treat specific ailments. Dozens of techniques are clearly explained with step-by-step instructions to guide the novice or enhance the skills of seasoned professionals.

Detailed case studies are included to demonstrate the language skills and the transitions between the various techniques for optimal success.

“…an authoritative work…”
“Mary Lee LaBay has managed to do what few others have—write an authoritative work on hypnotherapy that is an enjoyable and easy read.”
~Shaun Brookhouse, M.A. (Ed), D.C.H., PhD., F.N.C.H. Chairman, National Council for Hypnotherapy

“…well organized and accessible…”
“This book is one of the most readable books on Hypnotherapy that I have ever read. It is well organized, and accessible and I would recommend it to practitioners as well as to anyone interested to discover more about hypnotherapy. Mary Lee’s client-centered approach makes the practice of Hypnotherapy easy and effective. I never do a hypnotherapy session without this book by my side!”
~S. Tribolini, Seattle, WA

“…the Bible of hypnotherapy.”
“Mary Lee’s book is a keeper. I wish I had something like this 10 years ago when I was getting started. It is the “Bible” of hypnotherapy. Her methods are right on, the writing is wonderful. This could be a comprehensive course book for any Hypnotherapist.”
~Wendi Friesen, CCHt., Colorado

“…one of the very best…”
“I’ve been reading your book, Hypnotherapy, A Client-Centered Approach, and I consider it one of the very best hypnotherapy books I’ve encountered.”
~Alan Crandall, Medical Hypnotherapist, California

“…if you are looking for only one…”
“I could recommend a few books on hypnosis techniques, but if you are looking for only one, I suggest Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach by Mary Lee LaBay. It covers practically every technique that you will need in just the right amount of detail.”
~Barry Cooper, London, UK

“…helped me tremendously…”
“I live in France and am fairly new to hypnotherapy. I am in the midst of reading two of Mary Lee LaBay’s books, and these books have helped me tremendously as a beginner and I imagine that even for the expert there are things to learn. I highly recommend both of them.”
~Mellisa Dormoy, Paris, France

“… it brings peace and encouragement in me.”
“Every chapter I read, I gain new energy. I get excited and want to know more, I want more time to go through all the process and need more practice. These days I have lots of challenges in my work. When I read any chapter, it brings peace and encouragement in me.”
~Govinda Panthy, Nepal

Used in many hypnotherapy trainings around the world

A comprehensive and innovative approach to hypnotherapy that allows you to be relaxed, organic, and in the moment during client sessions. Includes more than twenty detailed and insightful techniques to enhance your healing practice.

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