An Intensive Education in Astrology

5 Sundays:         May 19, June 2, 9, 23, 30       11:00-4:00pm
Bellevue, WA:     Location disclosed to registrants


You are driving blind if you are working with your clients and don’t know their astrology chart.

And relationships – oh my!   

Are you really going to get into business or a marriage without this vital information about your partner’s  character, personality, learning and communication styles, or how they fight their fights and love their lovers?


Your client’s natal astrology chart provides a cornucopia of information to support and further their coaching and therapy sessions. The chart lays out a type of roadmap of the personality, suggesting pertinent conversations and direction for a productive session.

By popular demand, I am offering my secrets of astrology to you. You will be empowered to access this key body of insights and intelligence in your client sessions and, of course, apply it to your life! This intensive course covers a lot of ground very quickly. It is a down and dirty deep dive into this complex subject, delivered in an orderly progression for easier assimilation––and immediate application. You will be expected to spend time between classes working with the materials and assignments. Come ready to learn and apply your new skills!


  • A Brief History of Astrology
  • Symbols and Meanings of the Houses, Signs, and Planets
  • Using an Ephemeris
  • the Ascendant & Midheaven; Aspects and Orbs
  • Interpreting Character, Personality & Compatibility
  • Transits, Retrogrades, and Returns
  • Putting the Chart to Work for You in Life and Love
  • Tying it All Together in Your Counseling Session

No previous experience necessary!

Become fluent in the language of astrology! While astrology can be a life-long study, this course is designed to bring you foundational skills and knowledge to easily read and understand the circle chart for your clients and loved ones.

Will you continue to drive blind, or will you let the star map guide you to clarity, insight, and better service for your clients?


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Why Learn Astrology with Mary Lee?

Beginning in the late 1960’s with her studies in Tarot and Astrology, Mary Lee became the Editor for the Journal for the Colorado Astrological Association in the mid-1970’s,  interviewing well-known astrologers, writing articles, and creating original astrological crossword puzzles. 

Mary Lee began professionally offering past life regression sessions, along with readings using Tarot and Astrology in 1988.  She began teaching her unique methods of Tarot and Astrology as early as 1996. She continued her pursuit of the spiritual with intense training from the Celtic/Druidic perspective, moving into hypnotherapy as a means to bring this work to the greater population.

Mary Lee has authored 5 books, including Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach and Exploring Past Lives: Your Soul’s Quest for Consciousness. She created, developed, and taught the hypnotherapy and past life regression certification courses at both Bastyr University and Bellevue College, and continues to provide privately sponsored education in multiple topics.  Along the way, she earned a doctorate in Behavioral Psychology, and certifications in NLP, Reiki, Gestalt, EFT, and Applied Kinesiology, among others. 

She was initiated into Mensa in 1978,  was named among the Top 100 Thought Leaders of 2007 by Personal Excellence magazine, and maintains a private practice in Bellevue, WA.

Her trainings are founded on solid personal and professional experiences, sprinkled with eye-opening wisdom and philosophical perspectives, and are tailored for immediate practical application.

Mary Lee draws up a chart on each and every client (along with friends, business associates, and most everyone else she meets!). It gives her an array of information that allows her to more closely understand her client at a glance. It sets them at ease, reduces the time needed to establish history, quickly develops rapport, opens her client to deeper revelations and conversations, and reduces their resistance to the work at hand.

**It has been over 10 years since Mary Lee offered her training in Astrology. It is a rare and special opportunity to integrate this valuable skill into your coaching or therapy practice.