What happens when you die?
Is it scary? Comforting? Will there be someone to meet me?What will I do and where will I go? How will I find my way?

Empower yourself with knowledge and practical strategies that will give you peace of mind and skills necessary in this life and beyond.

The workshop – two ways

During two full length live workshops – one on DVD and the other on 2 CDs – learn valuable information and wisdom grounded in research developed during 25+ years of personal study and clinical practice concerning:

  • the most important skills you will need after you die – you can start practicing now!
  • how you make choices of lifetimes to experience
  • how  decisions are made that put us into abusive or challenging lifetimes
  • how we can change our future path…and also alter our past
  • how karma is truly cleared, on a soul level, as we move up the spiral of enlightenment
  • what the death and after life experiences are like
  • who and what will be there
  • how we navigate through the after life or astral plane
  • important challenges to watch out for
  • Explore reports of those who have remembered death experiences
  • how to create the best experience for your journey through life after life

Oprah has been talking about this topic, and Dr. Oz experienced it!    Now you can too!

Personal Experience

Enjoy a full guided meditation, on a separate CD,  that takes you to a past life, through the death experience, to the time between lives. Discover fascinating, yet practical, insights about yourself:

  • memories of your own past life and between life experiences
  • who you were and who you have encountered in your own past lives
  • who you will meet after death
  • insights into why you – or others – may have chosen abusive or difficult lives
  • what you knew about your parents and your purpose before entering this lifetime
  • past life connections to people in your present life
  • unresolved karma or contracts with your loved ones
  • why exploring past lives is important to your soul growth
  • important skills you can practice before you die improving your choices for your next incarnation
  • how knowledge of your past will give you deeper meaning and purpose to your life today!

Open your heart, expand your imagination,
and prepare for an extraordinary experience!

Remarkable value:

  • Two complete workshops recorded on separate occasions – one on DVD and the other on 2 CDs.
  • A third CD containing a full length guided visualization meditation to one of your own past lives and the time between lives. You may enjoy this meditation over and over again, as you explore and discover more of your own past life experiences.
  • BONUS CD: With this set, you will be sent a fourth CD which contains a lengthy, exclusive, interview that answers more of your burning questions.
  • PLUS an extensive Workbook to follow along and record your personal experiences.

“You are the only one…”
“You are the only one I have ever experienced any results with. It was amazing what I got from this experience. I have worked with others but have not had the enlightenment or results such as this.”
~ Brenda, OH

“Mary Lee’s extensive background…”
“I loved Mary Lee’s extensive background and practical approach to this philosophy.” – Student, Learning Exchange
~ Carol, Sacramento

Enjoy it now!

Now, peek beyond the veil to uncover the mystery of the journey between lives. Gain insights and experiences that few others ever will. Understand the process of life and death, and be prepared for the adventure.

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