We reincarnate in order to grow, expand, experience more, and become more fully conscious. That means becoming aware of our blind spots, any unconscious patterns or cycles of behavior that may be limiting us—and doing something about them.

This can be uncomfortable, but the process becomes more interesting and productive—as well as easier and clearer—when we can access other lifetimes as well as this one. Sometimes, when a particular pattern of behavior began many lifetimes ago, past life regression is the only way to make sense of it. By viewing our cycles of behavior over lifetimes, we gain clarity about our unique quirks, habits, character, fears, and choices. This, in turn, can help us honestly assess our strengths and weaknesses, and show us where we need to make changes.

When we are working with information from past lives, we can also be more objective about ourselves. Experiencing a past life can feel almost as if we are watching a movie about someone else. We can observe ourselves and our behavior in a more objective way than we can when looking back over the events of, say, the last weeks or months. When we watch that “other” person behaving in the same dysfunctional ways that we do, it is often easier to see what we want to change. The penny drops, and we “get it” in a way that isn’t always possible from the perspective of only one life.

My client “Sarah” was in her thirties and lived in the Midwest. She revisited a life on the prairie as an early settler. In this former lifetime, she would wash the clothes and hang them out on the line to dry, always keeping her attention on the horizon. She was waiting for someone, or something, to come along and make her life exciting. This was an extremely dull lifetime, because no one ever came over the horizon who made her life the way she wanted it to be.

When I asked her what she could learn from that lifetime that would be relevant to the life she was living now, Sarah exclaimed that her current life was just as dull! She had a washer and a dryer and a condo, but she was still waiting for someone to knock on her door and make her life less isolated and more exciting. Sarah awakened to the fact that if she wanted excitement, she would have to generate it. She understood that she could not go on repeating the same pattern and expecting a different result. In the life on the prairie, she had died alone and unfulfilled. She was determined not to let that happen again.

She had been blind to this trait in her personality. Only by seeing the pattern and experiencing it through a past life, was she  able to clearly recognize the need to change an important aspect of her life.

What patterns do you suppose you may have that are based on past life experiences?


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