Transform your life from getting by to WOW!


  • Truly knowing your purpose and walking a direct path toward it.
  • Removing blocks, insecurities, and self-sabotage, and replacing them with solid self-esteem, passion, and positive forward movement.
  • Developing your intuition and wisdom, and living with clarity.
  • Creating a relationship with your spiritual guides.
  • Remembering who you are as a soul, and accessing the memories of your experiences in other lifetimes.
  • Manifesting the wealth, health, and joy that you dream of!

Welcome to your LIFE

Your soul has an agenda for you. It has a purpose and a plan—and knows what it is. It is never too soon or too late to figure it out and get on track.

If you are here, reading this right now, you no doubt have a longing, a curiosity, or a quickening to awaken to the bigger picture of life; to evolve, grow, and connect to a greater awareness of your Self.

I am excited to provide so many options for you to do this—personal sessions, professional trainings, products, a membership site, and retreats/travel adventures.



I offer a range of programs to assist you in achieving your goals, both in the office and over the phone or Skype.


ESSENCE:  VIP Luxury Personal Intensive  –  Two-day private retreat

ZEPHYR: Sustaining Flow  – 12 two-hour private sessions

STELLIUM: Personal Growth Program  –  5 two-hour private sessions

PARALLAX: Poignant Perspectives  –  A single two-hour private session



What will be the best course of action for you?

Schedule your free 30-minute Discovery Call today so we can discuss your concerns and goals, and create the best plan for you to move your life from getting by to WOW!