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Awaken your mind and senses.

Experience fresh self-awareness.

November 10-17, 2016


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Yearning to touch a deeper part of your soul?

Feeling the call to expand your self-awareness and deepen your intuitive skills?


You are invited to join me in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Warm up your November in San Juan—the oldest European city under the US flag and beautifully preserved as a UNESCO Heritage Site.  While you have plenty of time to indulge your senses in San Juan’s tropical ambience, this richly-curated week includes a variety of experiential workshops that deepen your senses, wisdom, and self-awareness.

San Juan, Puerto Rico old city view over Paseo de la Princesa.

Is it time for clarity in your life?

  If so, scroll through the tabs for all the details and the opportunity to register for this retreat.

Designed to be intimate and soulful,
with play time to refresh and integrate your new awareness and experiences.


Salud, amor, la vida rica…y tiempo para gozarlos,

Mary Lee 

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maryleeprofileframe2Led by holistic past life regressionist, astrologer, tarot reader, author, and instructor Mary Lee LaBay, to create a program like no other.

Throughout our week together, I’ll facilitate 16+ hours of experiential learning that are at the heart of this week-long adventure into self-discovery and personal empowerment.  Programs are structured around a powerful combination of meditation, experiential partner work, silence, introspection, guided visualization, movement, and creative vision projects.

Imagine that your soul is like a diamond. This diamond has an infinite number of facets, each representing a lifetime that you have experienced. Likewise, each of us has an infinite number of lifetimes, filled with experience, knowledge, wisdom, skill sets, power, energy and, of course, some baggage.

We are the whole thing—the entire diamond—whether we recognize it or not. All those facets are influencing who we are in this moment—our perspectives,
our self-esteem, our fears and phobias, our strengths and grace. Most of it shows through as unconscious reaction, habits, preferences, as well as unexplained pains and illness. Sometimes there is a breakthrough moment of recognition, familiarity, déjà vu, or other hints of memory of who we are.

What would life be like if you experienced amnesia so that you don’t remember the first 25 years of your life. You would be in relationships and a career with no idea how or why. This is how nearly everyone lives their life; completely unaware of the vast majority of their entire soul history.

We wonder why we are bored, stressed, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled. We wonder why we feel lost. It’s because we are living as though one facet is the whole of the diamond!

Imagine your knight in shining armor kneels down to pop the big question, and presents you with one facet of a diamond. Does that express its full potential? Does it contain the same power and brilliance as a multi-faceted diamond?

Sun in the handsIf not, how can we express our full potential when we experience only one facet of our soul?

So then, the question becomes how do we access these juicy, luscious, brilliant parts of us—our unknown facets?

The time-honored method is self-reflection through meditation. This is lovely and useful, but what happens when we have trouble getting to the proper state, staying focused, or fully waking up? And, of course, any tough issues that have to be dealt with will remain elusive without a guide to shine a light.

Over the years I have developed a truly soulful approach to self-discovery, awareness, healing, and change, through protocols for past life, between life, and spiritual exploration. In fact, I have written 5 books and countless workbooks on hypnotherapy, past life regression, soul relationships, astrology, tarot, soul mates, and self-discovery. These protocols have an added effect of creating more density in the soul, which in turn builds more personal empowerment and more resilience against the challenges of life.

Through this retreat experience, discover clarity about your personal values and your future life path, enhance your intuition, and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs that may have held you hostage.  You will emerge from this soulfully stimulating week with a new understanding of who you are and what you came to this life to accomplish.

Additionally, I am excited to include amazing local presenters for optional participation for an added fee.

[one_half]botanicultura-map[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]Maria Benedetti

Experience the Puerto Rican tradition of collaborating with MEDICINAL PLANTS:


A 4-hour, intensive, hands-on workshop with María Benedetti, ethnobotanical researcher, author, and educator.

Date: Monday, November 14

Hours: 1:00-5:00 pm + free time  (leaving the property around 6pm)

Location: La Glorieta de BotaniCultura, Aquas Buenos, Puerto Rico

Participants will:

• learn several characteristics of the Puerto Rican tradition of botanical medicine.

• use culinary and medicinal plants to make preventive and curative remedies for colds, flu and herpes.

• discuss botanical remedies for dengue, chikungunya, zika.

• identify and learn to use 30 antiviral plants of the Puerto Rican tradition (take-home literature).

• interpret one way plants communicate directly with us at all times through their aromas, and learn how to prepare the best herbal teas according to their aromatic messages.

• prepare an aloe-based anti-viral first aid remedy, a delicious, anti-viral/anti-parasite molido, an exciting anti-viral/anti-parasite pesto . . . and learn to make the infallible garlic plugs.

• fortify a traditional alcohol-based bay rum liniment and hand sanitizer.

• wash our hands with ancestral cleansing leaves.

• sing a simple, Earth-centered song in Spanish.

• have time to photograph plants, look at and buy books, ask questions and enjoy the ambience.

This is a rare opportunity to study with María Benedetti in English. Visit her web page: www.botanicultura.com

To reserve your space for this workshop without participating in the full retreat, contact Mary Lee LaBay at: maryleelabay@gmail.com

Lady Lee Andrews

Expand your view of the world through the eyes of a visionary, with charismatic Author, Artist, and Poet  Lady Lee Andrews. As an author of several books of poetry, she also owns Poet’s Passage in the heart of Old San Juan. I had the joy of spending a lot of time with Lady when I visited the island in March, and I was impressed with not only her accomplishments, but her soulful approach to life. Her visions and perspectives are refreshing, soulful, clairvoyant, and artistic. I invited her to present to my group because I wanted to learn from her too! So I will be a student right next to you in this 2.5 hour workshop that will open your eyes (all three of them!) in a new and different way.  Tuition: $40


The retreat begins the evening of November 10 and ends at breakfast November 17, 2016. We will gather for a no-host cocktail party and optional dinner on Thursday evening to get acquainted.

Experience  4-hour workshops on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday with Mary Lee.

Monday we travel to the countryside for a 5-hour workshop with Marie Benedetti, for those who have registered for that extra workshop. If you do not register for that, you can have a free day to do your personal integration, or go to the beach, shopping, etc.

Tuesday we will meet with Lady Lee Andrews for her 2.5 hour workshop.

There are other optional activities that I will suggest as we move through the week, such as meals together, walks around the city, shopping excursions, kite flying on the lawn of El Morro, salsa lessons, concerts in the plaza, and more! It will be casual and follow the organic flow of energy of the group and the individuals.

Our final evening together I will plan a special (optional and no-host) meal based on the desires and tastes of the group.


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Get to know your guide: Mary Lee LaBay


Call Mary Lee-6


Mary Lee is the author of 5 books, including Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach and Exploring Past Lives: Your Soul’s Quest for Consciousness. She teaches the professional hypnotherapy programs at Bastyr University and Bellevue College, and also instructs professional trainings in past life regression and techniques of spiritual exploration.

Beginning in the late 1960’s with studies in Tarot and Astrology, Mary Lee continued her pursuit of the spiritual with intense training from the Celtic/Druidic perspective, moving into hypnotherapy as a means to bring this work to the greater population.

She followed up with a doctorate in behavioral psychology, and certifications in NLP, Reiki, Gestalt, EFT, Remote Viewing, and Applied Kinesiology. She was named among the Top 100 Thought Leaders of 2007 by Personal Excellence magazine, and maintains a private practice in Bellevue, WA.

 Mary Lee lived in San Juan for 5 years and worked in tourism, speaks nearly fluent Spanish, and has many local friends and resources around San Juan.  She has led groups to Italy, England/Ireland, Peru, and SE Asia.  She has presented retreats, workshops and trainings in the US, India, The Netherlands, and on cruise ships, as well as at colleges and universities. 

For more information, visit www.maryleelabay.com


Things you need to know:

Old San Juan Wall

Nearly everyone in San Juan speaks fluent English, and you will have no difficulty in feeling the warm welcome and friendly interactions with the locals.

➤ The dress code is casual. Ladies, you can get away with a sundress, flip flops or sandals for nearly every occasion. Throw in a wrap and an umbrella and you are set!

PLUS: I am happy to guide you in packing and preparing for your adventure in Puerto Rico.

➤ San Juan has taken extraordinary measures to clean and preserve the city, installing art, maintaining streets and buildings, and providing a high presence of security throughout the city, making it quite safe to walk around day or night (with the usual reasonable precautions, of course).   As for the other pest, mosquitos, Mary Lee was in Puerto Rico in Nov/Dec 2015 and again for 16 days in March 2016, and did not get bitten once. Didn’t even see mosquitos. However, some people are magnets for mosquitos. There are natural things you can do to protect yourself, according to naturopaths. Eat garlic supplements and high levels of Vitamin B. Do this for 2 weeks in advance as well as during the trip.  This worked for Mary Lee in the Amazon jungle. There are also homemade remedies here. As for Zika, we ask that you do your own research. There are many who disavow there is an epidemic including government officials in Puerto Rico. Do your research! Include searching Zika conspiracy theories. Remember how we were all going to die of ebola, killer bees, west nile, etc. Not to take it lightly, but we are all about seeking truth and being objectively realistic. Check with locals to determine what their experience is—call hotels, restaurants, any one down there on the ground for a local’s perspective. Ultimately, though, it is up to you. (Did you notice not one mention of an athlete contracting Zika while in Brazil, the epicenter of Zika?)

➤ Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, their currency is the US Dollar, and you will find your dollars go a lot further in Puerto Rico than on the mainland.

➤ The average temperature hovers around a steady 80 degrees. It is a tropical island, and rain showers do occur, though they are generally short-lived and refreshing experiences.

➤ Puerto Ricans love to party and you will frequently find live music provided free in the plazas. I will keep you informed of any fun local events that we can enjoy.

➤ Due to the nature of the Latino-Caribbean island culture, I reserve the right to alter our schedule to accommodate spontaneity, group dynamics, local conditions and opportunities, and to enhance the overall experience of this journey.

➤ Puerto Rico enjoys a rich and diverse culture that has maintained its sexy salsa music and attitude—and is the perfect setting to regain energy and rev up your own mojo!!

Old San Juan

The retreat begins the evening of November 10 and ends at breakfast November 17, 2016.   We will gather for a no-host cocktail party and optional dinner on Thursday evening to get acquainted.

 There are also wonderful reasons to extend your visit a few extra days:

➤ Enjoy the endless beaches

➤ Go snorkeling, deep sea fishing, paddle boarding and other water activities

➤ Take a tour to the interior of the island, the rain forest, or to other sites

➤ Stay and take Mary Lee’s Wisdom of the Tarot workshop on Saturday and Sunday, November 19 & 20.

➤ Visit the US Virgin Islands, or step onto a  ship for a Caribbean cruise.

➤ Did I mention enjoy the endless beaches?

Feel free to call Mary Lee for suggestions and strategies for making the most of your visit to Puerto Rico!



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Clarity Retreat | Puerto Rico
Retreat Workshops, Optional Workshops, and Social Activities & Guidance with Mary Lee: $1075 per person


Call Mary Lee to Register for this event:  www.calendly.com/maryleelabay 



For Locals: Clarity Retreat | Puerto Rico
For Local Residents of Puerto Rico – Does not include any of the Optional Workshops or Social Activities: $320




Optional Medicinal Herb Workshop with Maria Benedetti: $175
Includes transportation to Aguas Buenos

Please note that this workshop is limited to the first 20 participants, and this can be a stand-alone event (you do not have to register for any of the other activities in order to participate in this workshop.) For Puerto Rico locals,  attend this workshop for $80 by calling Mary Lee to register at www.calendly.com/maryleelabay 



Optional Visionary Workshop with Lady Lee Andrews: $60



Optional Post-Retreat Wisdom of the Tarot Workshop (Nov. 19-20): $150

Please note this includes extensive workbook and over 8 hours of training. See details here: www.maryleelabay.com/wisdom-of-the-tarot. To be held at Poet’s Passage near Plaza de Armas, Old San Juan.



Not Included in the tour price:

Airfare to/from San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU). This airport is served by many airlines, including Delta, American, United, and Jet Blue. Airport transportation. The airport is a 20-minute ride from the hotel, and generally costs about $15 by taxi. Limo service can also be arranged through Mary Lee.

Meals not included. You are encouraged to explore the amazing culinary opportunities in San Juan, including local cuisine, food trucks, and organic farm-to-table selections. Participants of the full tour will have many opportunities to gather for no-host, optional meals at various locations throughout the city, throughout the retreat, as well as spontaneous social activities.

Hotel rooms: We are centering the retreat at the charismatic Casablanca Hotel. Accommodations are on your own, and I suggest you stay at this hotel or find a hotel or B&B nearby in Old San Juan for easy convenience.


Casablanca Hotel is rated 4.5/5 stars from 708 reviews on TripAdvisor as well as their Certificate of Excellence 2015, and was voted Best Hotel in Old San Juan in 2014!

Note: If you choose to stay at other nearby hotels or vacation rentals, you will still easily be able to join us in all our activities. Feel free to  contact Mary Lee to determine proximity to the group’s center of activities.

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Click here for more information.

discovery call

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