Deadlines, traffic, errands, obligations,
no time to relax or have time to yourself.

Sound like your life? It seems everyday we are pulled into a whirlwind of activities and lists of things that need attention and completion. No time to breathe. No time for me.

Studies have shown excessive stress to be a risk factor for everything from heart disease to cancer. Plus, it makes it nearly impossible to enjoy life. Everyday we face situations that make it difficult to relax. Work, family obligations or just our own personalities can make us vulnerable to the harmful effects of stress.

Consider how much happier you would be if you could control your stress level and blood pressure in any situation. Imagine moving through your daily challenges, remaining in control, and maintaining that wonderful feeling of relaxation and ease.

Now you can do just that.

This breakthrough meditation provides a tool for you to monitor and moderate stress, anger, and blood pressure levels, throughout your daily activities.

With specific guidance on this CD, you will create a personalized control panel that will put you in command of your stress. Once created and learned, this ability will always be accessible to you as a natural and lasting part of your life experience.

Take charge of your life, and your experiences, NOW!

Meditation by itself is a proven stress management technique. Coupled with these specific and tested strategies, you will have, at your command,  a powerful and lasting tool for positive change.

This meditation was originally created for one of Mary Lee’s clients who went through the ordeal of quadruple bypass surgery. While we make no medical claims, this client personally found this specific meditation to be an invaluable tool on his journey back to wellness. (See testimonial below.) He was able to significantly reduce his medication intake and achieve a recovery that was astonishing to his physician.

At his urging, I have made this same tool available to you.

Don’t wait until your stress has created irreversible damage to your physical health, mental wellbeing, career, or relationships. Act now and live the life you truly desire.

“Due to my heart condition I have been on up to nine different medications, four specifically for stress, blood pressure and heart stabilization.  I have been listening to your stress reduction CD twice a day. I can now, with or without the CD, lower my pulse rate and blood pressure to below the normal range. After demonstrating for my doctor the good results, he let me come off of all meds except the blood thinner needed to protect the metal valves from my bypass. These medications had a negative impact on my sex life, my stamina, and my level of fatigue.Truly I feel terrific. Blood pressure 120 over 70 or less. That’s lower than at anytime so far in my life. Thanks to you, Mary Lee.”
~ Dave, Washington

“I bought this CD for my stress levels, but now I use the control panel (created during the CD session) for a variety of things in my life. I can turn up the creativity, turn down the anger, change insomnia to sleepy, and even enhance my sense of humor. You should make more CDs with this tool – especially for laughter and joy.”
~ Carol, Seattle, WA

All stressed out during your hectic day? Deadlines? Blood pressure rising? Reduce stress at will. Take control of your life experience and health, while enhancing your ability to live a productive, active and fully engaged life.

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