High-speed merging.
Stop-and-go traffic—mostly stop.
That other guy who is an inconsiderate driver!

Does it get you angry to even think about it? Does the thought of driving somewhere start to push your buttons?

There’s no doubt that driving is stressful. If your commute is more painful than it needs to be—and you experience harmful and uncontrollable negative feelings when driving—you need this CD now!

Don’t risk your health, your driver’s license, and the lives of those around you by waiting another day. Act now and make the changes that you know are necessary – for your health, your safety, and your peace of mind.

Let Mary Lee’s soothing voice guide you through simple, and effective steps to review and understand the real reasons for your rage experiences. (Almost as good as getting private therapy sessions – at a fraction of the cost!)

Then, using guided imagery and proven steps for positive behavior modification, you will be given the tools to choose how you will alter your behavior, removing unwanted emotional triggers and installing positive responses to everyday stresses.

Mary Lee’s unique and tested approach will help you see quick results—and you can use the CD at any time should you ever again feel the negative effects of road rage affecting your life.

Take the first step now – onto the road to a calm and pleasant driving experience. Do it for your loved ones, do it for humankind, and mostly, do it for YOU.

“Oh boy, did I have a problem! For over an hour every work day I made myself miserable, no doubt damaged my health, and who knows what karma I was creating by sending all that negativity into the world. After listening to your CD, I now have tools and a change of perspective that has turned my commute from a nightmare to a calm opportunity for personal space and time to think and process the events of the day. Thank you so much for helping me to enjoy all the moments of my life rathering than detesting such a huge chunk of hours every day. On the road…smiling!”

~ T. M., WA

“To be honest I was a bit embarrassed to buy a CD with the title Remove Road Rage. I didn’t want anyone to know about my behaviors. Thank goodness I got past that. My life has changed in many ways since listening to this CD but mostly I can now put my mind and energy to something more useful during my drive time. By the way, it is a small price to pay for such peace of mind. Thank you!”
~ Sarah, California

Does the daily commute drive you crazy? Do other drivers push your buttons? You have to drive—you might as well enjoy it! And keep the road safe for all. Now you can!

Instant Download: $5.00