Do you feel restless at night?
Can’t sleep because your mind is racing,
thinking about too many of the days stresses?

It is a well-known fact that sleep is crucial to health, happiness and longevity. Our life and well-being depend on it.

Now there is relief! You can change restless sleep and insomnia into sweet dreams and a well-deserved night’s sleep.

The soothing sounds of music and Mary Lee’s hypnotic voice guides you gently into deep relaxation to soothe away stress and racing thoughts. Then, using specially-tailored guided visualization techniques, embark on a tranquil journey leading you gently from the day’s busy activities into a deep and restful sleep. You won’t even notice as you drift into the dreamtime, and envelop yourself in cozy slumber.

You will receive a suggestion that allows you to continue the journey, even when the CD ends, achieving beautiful lucid dreaming and deep revitalizing sleep, awakening in the morning refreshed and alert.

“Your CDs Restful Sleep, Your Empowerment Symbol, and Opening to Prosperity, have been a great comfort to me. There is not a night I do not listen to one of them as I fall asleep. You have a special gift. Thank you.”
~ Trudi, California

“I noticed that even as my mind was whirling trying to figure out a pattern to your induction, or whatever, it was different somehow. I really can’t describe how, it was just very different than having my mind racing listening to other tapes. The next thing I know, you were saying I could go to sleep or wake up – and that was the first thing I’d really understood in some time. What happened next was very odd, yet… nice. I may have actually fallen asleep for a few minutes, yet I think I was “dreaming”, still trying at some level to figure out what happened<grin>… In short – I like it! Thank you!”
~ Bob Carson, Washington

“I go to bed every night listening to your voice. It is the best sleep I remember experiencing. I can’t even explain the difference it has made in my life.”
~ Melinda, Washington

Enjoy deep relaxation to soothe away stress, and then embark on a dreamy journey ending in deep restful sleep. This CD can also be used to initiate lucid dream states.

Instant Download – $5.00