The power to transform yourself is within your grasp. Beneath your conscious mind lies a spectacular landscape just waiting to be discovered. Now you can explore it, through the power of self-hypnosis. Put your subconscious to work and live the life you want—today!

  • Improve IQ and memory
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Control destructive habits like smoking, overeating and procrastination
  • Experience less pain during childbirth
  • Create “prosperity consciousness” and draw wealth into your life
  • Relax and reduce stress

This extraordinary guidebook includes detailed instructions and scripts for creating your own audio programming. A must for anyone seeking a cost-effective approach to self-improvement.

“Hogan and LaBay simplify the complex tools of hypnosis and NLP into one easy to use volume. Manifest your destiny and live the life you have always wanted! This book shows you how.”
~Laura Silva, creator of The Essential Mind Power Program

“Having recently read Through the Open Door and Hypnotherapy: A Client Centered Approach, amidst many other books on hypnosis and regression, I am struck by your clarity in communicating both the simplicity and the complexity of hypnosis and how it works. Thank you so much for that.”
~Aurora Erlander-Miller


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