As we enter into the Sun sign of Cancer, the energy moves from the playful darting Gemini curiosity, to nurturing of life and the soul.

We love the Cancers in our lives because they teach us to give sensitive and comforting care to others, and to lovingly preserve  our Great Mother, Mother Earth. Tending to the home, family, and garden, they step easily into the role of stewards of the Earth. Their faculty of memory is noteworthy, and history often their favorite subject.

Quirky observations of my Cancer friends include the tendency to procrastinate and arrive late to any appointment. After years of experiencing this, I asked a Cancer friend why she thought that was a thing.  She responded that it was because they set about to make themselves comfortable wherever they are and with whatever they are doing. With such pleasure, they find it hard to break away and have to adjust to a new environment to deal with.

And breaking away, in general, is a problem. Cancers find it hard to end relationships, and hard to part with possessions. Everything has a sentimental value to tender Cancer, and they love to wrap their claws around it all–trinkets, valuables, real estate,  people, memories.  They hang on to them for dear life. They can be the smothering mother–no matter your  actual relationship. When you come upon a hoarder, it would be prudent to find out what is happening in Cancer in their charts!

Yet, when in balance, these traits are marvelous! Loyal friends, sensuous lovers who remember any special moment, nurturing mothers and caretakers, intuitive and creative friends.

Just don’t forget to feed them! Cancer rules the stomach and when they get grumpy and moody, (and they will), just be sure their bellies are full. Chances are their disposition will lighten and the world will be a better place for all. I learned this from my son–a double Cancer. He was the sweetest baby…until he was hungry. Then those sharp crab claws would come out and the deep water blues would take hold. I knew it was time to get food in him as quickly as possible. Moments later, all was well in the world again.

As an astrologer, I was concerned my double Cancer son would be a whiny mama’s boy. Not at all (though he was trained well by his independent Aquarian mother)! His Cancer traits come through loud and clear, though, in other ways. Although he has history and law degrees, he has chosen to collect rental properties (Cancer rules the home life and collections), has put in an orchard and a large garden, has 32 chickens and a rooster, numerous beehives, and 2 dogs, and is a creative cook. Can hardly get much more Cancer than that!

Happy birthday to all you Cancers. We love you back!