Taurus the Bull

Ah, Taurus! In this fast-paced world, you remind us to slow down, take in the beauty of the world and enjoy the finer things in life. As a Taurus, you alternate between the bull basking in the sun in a bucolic pasture with butterflies flitting around your head, to the furious bull facing the matador with his concentration so focused on the red cape he loses his capacity to make any other choice but to charge!

Taurus has qualities of being stubborn and loyal, and unafraid of the hard work required to achieve any goal their eyes are set on. However, like the charging bull,  you often stay so concentrated on your perceived target, you lose perspective that there could be another path that is easier or more aligned with your higher goals.

We love the sensuality, loyalty and dedication of our Taurus friends and lovers. They remind us to take in the physical and emotional experiences of the world. Enjoy the colorful sunset, and that exquisite glass of wine. Choose the best music and the most soothing fabric for your clothing.

Taurus also demonstrates the benefits of staying loyal to our friendships and steadfast in our work goals. They are determined to amass wealth, whether in gaining love, or in collecting art, jewels, and real estate.

Yet, a common complaint I hear from Taureans is that they feel stuck. They cut a deep furrow for their path and it becomes a boring and outdated rut.  As a determined Taurus,  it is hard to change course.

There are very simple strategies to broaden that perspective, to find a new cape to focus on, and to alter the course to a more enjoyable and productive path. When you feel yourself charging and chasing the red cape, like our charming Taurus bull, take a moment to relax in the pasture and notice the effortless and unattached flight of the butterflies.

If you find it difficult to initiate on your own, please schedule a free Strategy Call. Finding that new course is easier than you think!