Do you choose freedom and ways of expanding your options … or do you find yourself pulling in, limiting your experiences, and narrowing your choices?

Did you know that stretching your experiences leads to greater personal growth and spiritual expansion? Greater wisdom comes from a broad and varied life, rather than a limited, repetitive one.

In a moment I will give you seven steps to expand your options and live a more fulfilling life.

In conversations with friends, clients, and even a seat mate on a recent flight, my attention has been drawn to observing how we block and limit ourselves. Perhaps you feel others wouldn’t approve, you aren’t brave or smart enough, or you simply don’t look beyond your own limited scope of perceptions. You might hear yourself thinking:

“This is how it is done.”
“This is what my mom would do.”
“I have no choice, but to…”
“I don’t see any other way.”
“I’ll just do what all my friends (or colleagues) are doing.”

Granted, it is sometimes scary and overwhelming to really consider all the options. I remember when I got divorced. I suddenly realized that I could live anywhere on the planet. Now that’s a lot of choices!

I didn’t know where to begin, how to narrow it down. Deer in the headlights! 

What choices are you facing? How are you blocking out options that could be available to you?

What would it feel like if you allowed for the expansion; at least looked and considered a wider array of opportunities…fearlessly!

Try this quick exercise in brainstorming:

  1. Have a notebook of paper and a pen next to you.
  2. Close your eyes and center yourself. Quiet your mind.
  3. Imagine energy flooding into your body, expanding your auric field big, big, big!
  4. Feel yourself straighten; imagine yourself powerful, capable, fearless. This is a good time to imagine being a superhero!
  5. Now, ask your higher Self to travel through time and space to gather up all the options and opportunities out there concerning your topic at hand (where to live, career choices, what car to buy,  what to do about your relationship….etc….but only choose one topic at a time!)
  6. Just keep your mind clear for about 3 minutes (you can set a timer), not focusing on anything your higher Self may be coming up with or latching onto any particular thought.
  7. Then, at the end of the three minutes, open your eyes and start writing every idea that comes to mind in your notebook. 

Don’t worry whether what you are writing is rational, practical, sensible, or acceptable to friends and family. Just write, write, write. 

Allow the ideas to sound crazy, outlandish, scary. It doesn’t matter. Those ideas are simply pushing back at the barriers you have held in place. 

Somewhere, among all the crazy ideas you listed, will be fresh and imaginative options that just may be the answers you are looking for!


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