Tired of the smell, the taste,
the expenses involved with smoking?

Tired of your friends and family complaining?

Now you can do it. Quickly and easily. And often, using these techniques, even painlessly.

If you have tried quitting before you know that there are many factors that keep bringing you back to smoking. Perhaps you are disgusted with the self-sabotaging behavior, but can’t seem to get around it.

This CD will help you get to the roots of your specific, individual saboteurs – and remove them forever!

Even if you don’t think that you are ready to quit, you can start using this CD effectively. It even helps you get to the place where you desire to quit. So don’t wait another day.  Studies have shown that even reducing the amount you smoke can have positive health effects.

Having helped dozens of clients overcome their smoking urges through hypnosis and the transformative power of the techniques used on these two tracks, it is proven that the results are swift and lasting.

In the first track, you work on uncovering the causes of your smoking addiction, as well as the secondary gains—the hidden psychological benefits you receive from the behavior.

In the second track, guided visualization creates a future self image free of tobacco addiction, leading you toward your goal of quitting. You really can quit—for good this time!

“I’ve tried several other audio visualizations to quit smoking, and this is the first time that I had a breakthrough. I finally figured out what kept bringing me back to cigarettes, and now I have changed my mind and changed my habits! Thank you thank you – from me and from my two kids who are really happy I no longer smoke.”
~ D.L., MO

“I bought this CD for my husband, because he has tried and failed so many times. And quite frankly, I just couldn’t stand it anymore – not the habit, or the process of breaking the habit. It took him about two weeks before he was willing to actually listen to the CD. But when he did, he told me he enjoyed it. Now he has been smoke-free for three months. He didn’t have bad withdrawals this time, and hasn’t even thought about starting up again. Once in a while he goes back and listens again as a reminder, but at least he hasn’t smoked.”
~ Fran, Vancouver, BC

Put yourself back on the path to a long and healthy life—one step at a time. With this effective meditation, you don’t even have to want to quit smoking to start healing your tobacco addiction!

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