Soul Retrieval involves regressing to an earlier age (or previous lifetime) to recapture a trait or part of the personality, soul, energy field, or consciousness left behind. This condition can have many causes, though it is most likely due to trauma, and can also occur when you give your power away.Soul Retrieval

In any case, there may be complaints of having lost your sense of innocence, trust, spontaneity, independence, joy, power, creativity, and so forth. Most likely, these traits are still present but have become inaccessible to you. These parts of the personality have simply been fragmented, hidden, taken away, blocked, forgotten, given away, or discarded.

The ritual of retrieving the trait connects you to the event, demonstrates how it was lost, and gives you permission to again regain and exhibit it overtly. Specific techniques are employed to ensure that you are ready to have this part of the soul back, and that whatever it was that allowed the soul fragment to be lost has been corrected.

It is a beautiful and gratifying process to experience.