Shamans are the “medicine people” of indigenous tribes around the world. They are typically those who have the ability to access the spirit world while in a state of altered consciousness. A shamanic journey traditionally involves a shaman guiding a participant through a visionary world to collect pertinent information, guidance, and wisdom.

The journey is a fascinating adventure through the landscape of the participant’s higher consciousness, lush with wisdom and awareness. Frequently, the journey opens the gateway to access the spiritual realms, including guidance from spirit guides and other supporters.

In my private practice I have created a modified version of such a journey, which I call a SpiritCanoe Journey
Journey, that is useful in opening communication with spirit guides as well as with the participant’s higher self or subconscious mind. The purpose of a Spirit Journey is to obtain information, wisdom, and guidance from the subconscious mind and the spirit realms.

Specific goals can be set in mind as the participant enters the Journey, such as resolving an issue, gaining understanding of a decision at hand, or peering into the future of their life path to see what lies ahead. Alternatively, the subconscious mind may be allowed to go where it needs to go to usher its hidden message into the conscious mind of the participant. Often, the results are surprising as previously unknown information is revealed.