Your path is the direction and speed in which you are moving through your life. It is determined by your focus and goals, your values, will, desires, and choices. 

Everyone is on a path. You are on a path.

However, is it the proper path that will allow you to achieve your highest goals and purpose in the most expedient and efficient manner? 

Your purpose is the direction you are facing while you walk your path. Just like your destination is the direction in which you will travel when you go on vacation. 

Walking a path aligned with your purpose is the active participation in truth, reality, and consciousness. 

In order to assure that you are on the right path, you must first determine:

  • Who you are at your soul level, including an honest assessment of particular qualities such as your true essence and authentic capacity
  • What you require for the continuation of your existence and consciousness (the two axiomatic qualities that all humans have that are required to exist at all).  These requirements will determine the nature and quality of the experiences and knowledge that are best for you to pursue and attain.
  • What you are capable of doing within the framework of your physical body, emotional and energetic nature, environment, and other factors.

Once you have determined the above, to the best of your present knowledge and perceptions, place yourself within the context of absolute reality in the Now. 

Then, and only then, can you determine what is possible for your path, what you may reasonably become, and where it may reasonably lead you.

The degree of a person’s successful living is the degree to which a person accurately walks this path. There is no other success.

Money, fame, awards, etc., are temporal, and will be meaningless if they have not contributed to the above named needs. They will soon be forgotten, just as any award or achievement from a past life that is no longer recalled.

The goal of your path, and the learning involved in walking it, are not bent and meant to be useful for other pursuits – not for career, health, relationships, knowledge, talent, money, etc. Other pursuits must be made to be useful to the purpose of the path – or be dismissed. 

Your path is not a tool for other gain. Your path IS all gain, and the only real gain there is. Your path needs to support no other pursuit. Instead, all other pursuits are only validated by their support of this path.

Discovering more and more of the lost knowledge concerning your own true nature is a release. It forever grants you a fresh and growing view of your own potential and power. It continues to shed light on the path.