past life regression

The idea of immortality has always been very controversial, an idea which is easily traced back to indigenous tribes around the world, and in more recent public records its in Hinduism. According to the Hindu view of reincarnation, the soul moves from one body to another upon death. The cycle continues as the soul decides to be born repeatedly out of desire. More modern research has a modified perspective of this soul journey that is based more in actual experience and sight, and less restricted by the tenets of religion.

A Brief History

Historically, there have been very limited accounts regarding reincarnation and past life regression. The more substantial writing is that of Patanjali, a Hindu scholar. Patanjali said that the soul is always burdened by its karma and thus introduce prati-prasav or reverse birthing. This is a technique where the subject revisits memories to address present issues. Prati-prasav is currently being practiced in yoga. Again, this is a narrow view of the full subject.

PLR was revived through the efforts of Madame Blavatsky, the Mother of Modern Spirituality. She is the co-founder of the Theosophical Society and her studies re-introduced the concept in the west. The practice was further developed in the 1950’s when credible medical practitioners began their advocacy of PLR as an instrument to improve mental health. In 1967, Dr. Denys Kelsey was the first to use regression as a clinical therapy.

The Practice of Past Life Regression

Studies made on religious beliefs in reincarnation did not take into account nor accept the idea of repressed memories. The practice of PLR was usually done to simply experience this as a spiritual process and, therefore, be able to venture into the unknown.  In clinical practice, to draw information on the subject’s past life, practitioners use hypnosis and ask their subjects a series of questions. With the use of bridging, the unearthed memories are brought to consciousness. This was very important for both the doctor and patient, as unresolved issues in past lives are believed to be significant in healing the present issues of the patient. However, with their limited range of techniques and the negative nature of the memories that were being sought, it was not always easily resolved.

Past Life Regression on Television

Oprah featured Past Life Regression in May 2008, with guests, Dr. Oz and Dr. Brian Weiss, who have been studying Past Life Regression for many years. Their subject named Jodie, sought the help of Dr. Weiss to know why she fears dolls to a compulsion.

They described how Jodie got to see her dead grandfather shortly after entering a state of hypnosis and minutes later, as she began describing what she thought was a car accident,  she began to cry. Apparently, she had died unexpectedly in her past life, leaving her children to grow up without her. This resulted to her fear of dolls, which became a present life metaphor for her inability to care for her children.

Healing Through Past Life Regression

Months later, Jodie saw Oprah featuring the Osmond family where Marie Osmond handed her an Oprah-doll. Jodi reiterates that had it not been for her Past Life Regression session, she would have immediately turned off the TV because of her fear of dolls. But what’s good to know is that after the session, it seemed that she was already able to deal with them.

Oftentimes, merely witnessing the past life provides greater understanding of present life responses, habits, and phobias. Still, there are even more powerful ways to address healing through past life regression, and more efficient uses of this quest.

The Controversy of Past Life Regression

While vast numbers of people believe in reincarnation and untold people have experienced their own recalled memories, there are still reservations that are held about the subject. Activities that are a part of the subtle realms (as are unconscious memories), will never be fully explained by the physical world tests that are generally required as evidence. The only real proof is in the experiencing. Those people who have decided they don’t believe will not be convinced, nor will they even experiment with it enough to get a balanced perspective. So be it. This is not their path.

And for those on a journey of expanding consciousness, using hypnotherapy to assist in accessing the unconscious memories from another time and space is a blessing in expediting that journey.

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