Hypnosis and unlocking hidden memories just seem like a perfect pairing. So it is natural that hypnosis could be a powerful tool in revealing past life memories as well. Trance states of any kind are helpful in self-awareness goals. Take, for instance, hypnosis, meditation, shamanic work–all involve accessing trance states to connect with the unconscious mind.

There are actually many ways to recall your experiences during other lifetimes. The evolved human would naturally have all that information right in their conscious mind. However, it is common that we have blocked those memories.

Why? Because there are experiences that we would rather forget–just like you may have memories in this lifetime you lock away or simply forget. And over the centuries, it has been culturally wrung out of us. It has been unacceptable, not a part of prevailing religions, or just plain weird to recall such memories.

So, if we are not readily accessing the memories of our character, our purpose, our relationships, and our talents, we have to seek other ways. This is part of the quest and the urgency we feel in wanting to find our purpose, find our way in life, and become more authentic.

These past life memories hold the key to that personal treasury!  We could access them through dreams and in meditation, or while visiting sites, looking at art, or listening to music.

However, a most expedient way is to use hypnotherapy techniques. By focusing the mind, and relaxing the barrier between the conscious and subconscious minds, hypnotherapy “primes the pump” for easy access to otherwise hidden memories, wisdom, and perspectives.

The typical method of using hypnotherapy to connect to past life memories is putting a person into the trance state, and guiding them to recall the memories. It is a sightseeing tour of long ago times.

Through the years, combining my further education with my own experiences and studies, I developed more powerful methods and uses for this journey. Now, it is possible for the client to experience deep healing that can reduce the effects of trauma, align them with their purpose, breakthrough unwanted patterns that have plagued them for centuries or longer, and even change the course of their aspect field (a greater part of their soul).

Having delivered this style of therapy to countless seekers, I now provide instruction so that more people can be served by this vital and necessary step in conscious awareness and soul growth.

If learning these unique and curated techniques would make your soul sing,  please schedule a strategy call to discuss. Meanwhile, you may take a look what is included in my certification training here.