Ah, the magical, mysterious tarot!

Imagine being able to hold deep, personal, meaningful wisdom at your fingertips. Picture yourself with the skills and knowledge to access intuitive information at anytime, using tarot cards.



The Tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation. With its 78 symbolic cards, the Tarot provides profound access to our inner wisdom and creates a catalyst for intuition, new perspectives, and a closer glimpse at the Truth.

Effective teaching techniques provide easy memorization and immediate familiarity and ease. Learn to choose a deck for yourself, handle the cards, and do a basic Celtic Cross layout.  Review the meanings of each card, both upright and reversed. Plan to have the skills and knowledge to give readings to each other by the end of class!

This is a one evening plus one day workshop for greatest learning and integration. Tuition includes a full and detailed workbook, containing instructions and card definitions.

Bring a pen and an optional set of Tarot cards in the Robin Wood or Rider-Waite style.

Participants will receive the workbook in advance by email, to have the option of becoming familiar with the material in advance.

Friday Evening:

After a short discussion of the history and lore of the Tarot cards, you will be shown how to choose a deck for yourself, handle the cards, and lay out the cards in a basic Celtic Cross pattern. This layout provides greater depth to the meaning of the cards. Through the positions that the cards fall into, we can look at:

  • the energy surrounding the question
  • the origin of the issue in the past
  • what effect that initial event led to
  • what is the next step on the journey of this issue
  • and how it turns out in the future
  • the driving forces of fear (or avoidance) and our expectations – and how these two forces influence our decisions and actions.
  • the opinions of others, whether gossip or true, from spirit guides, family, friends, or foes.
  • The nature and role of our own expectations of the issue, and
  • the long-term result of this path, along with possible steps we can take if we prefer to change that future.

Each of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana will be examined for how their archetypes and wisdom can be used to access information about purpose, character, and life lessons. 


Building on the knowledge and experience of Friday’s class, we will continue with the examination of each of the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana.

Like a regular playing card deck, the Minor Arcana has four suits and ten numbered cards. The Tarot, however, contains four members of the Royal family, rather than three. Through the Minor Arcana we learn about the activities and people who influence our daily lives, as well as the challenges, support, and conditions of our life experiences.

After demonstrations of Tarot card readings, and a discussion on the techniques and responsibilities of doing readings for others, students will be given time for supervised practice with a partner.

The interactive teaching techniques used to present the material involve several sensory modalities, which help you retain the meanings of each card for immediate familiarity and ease.

Upon completion of this seminar you will be able to:

  • Discuss the history and uses of the Tarot cards
  • Identify the difference between the Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot
  • Know how to handle and shuffle Tarot cards
  • Demonstrate the traditional Celtic Cross Tarot layout
  • Be familiar with the meanings of each of 78 cards of the Tarot deck, in both the upright and reversed positions
  • Perform a basic Tarot reading for a partner
  • Use the cards to ask simple questions for themselves
  • Begin a homework assignment which will deepen your understanding of the Tarot and strengthen your skills of reading the cards.

Gain and develop skills you will enjoy for a lifetime!

“You consolidate your decades of experience and insight…”

“Thank you Mary Lee for teaching us the Tarot class that lead me to this ancient art of wisdom.  You consolidate your decades of experience and insight into this class and summarize each card in a succinct, meaningful way that new users are easier to remember and compare.  You blended humor and fun stories into the class, also compiling a classmates contact information, making the class a fun experience as well as a networking opportunity.   Since then I have been practicing Tarot skills very frequently, if not on a daily basis according to your home work assignment, it is indeed very useful even though I am just starting to learn it. ”  Jenny C., Workshop Participant

“…an amazing learning experience!”

“Mary Lee is an excellent instructor and, although this was my first experience with Tarot cards, she created an amazing learning experience!   It was incredible to end the two day course and realize that we had learned the major and minor arcanas which make up the entire deck.  We were able to complete readings during the 2nd half of day two which delighted our class as we had learned so much in two days.  It was only due to Mary Lee’s ability to organize the information and give meaning to each card explained that allowed the ability to grasp everything in such a short time.   I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn Tarot, expand their awareness, or continue their education with the use of these tools to get messages and guidance for their life, their loved ones, or their client’s lives.”  Heather Chan, Life Coach, Spiritual Reader/Medium, Workshop Participant

Imagine being able to hold deep, personal,
meaningful wisdom at your fingertips.

Picture yourself with the skills and knowledge
to access intuitive information at anytime.

For beginning to advanced readers. No previous experience necessary, yet new concepts and skills will be presented for readers of all levels.

Register or get on wait list:  425.562.7277 or marylee@maryleelabay.com