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Experiencing Hypnosis with Mary Lee

It is likely that you wonder what it is like to experience hypnosis, and are equally curious about what to expect when you come into the office for your first private session. Every practitioner will have an unique procedure they follow, and each will provide a somewhat different experience. So I would like to explain a bit about what you may experience when you come to my office.

Before Your First Session: When we agree on a date and time for your appointment, I send you four documents besides a Welcome Letter:

Intake: You have the opportunity to take your time in filling in your personal information—name, address, email, phone, and so forth. There is an area where I ask for your birth date, time, and place, in the case that you want me to create and refer to your astrology chart. You will find a number of issues are listed that you can check off, if you are interested in working on them. This list is only is only to suggest possibilities, but issues to be worked on are not limited to this list.

Disclosure: On this document, I provide my education and experience, the types of counseling and services provided, billing information, and legalities and confidentiality statement. By receiving this in advance by email, you have the opportunity to take your time reading all of it, and you have a copy that you can retain for your records.

Map: You receive a map with directions to get to my location of business.

Clients Rights: This document is required by the State of Washington to be given at the first session of any counseling relationship. It outlines your rights as a client, confidentiality laws, and that which is required by counselors.

Arriving for Your Session:  On the day of your session, you arrive and are brought into my office. There is a comfortable rocker/recliner for you, with views through two windows that look out into greenery and across the valley to the Olympic mountains. Next to your chair is a glass of water, tissues, a pillow, eye mask, and blankets. All of these items are for your comfort and are optional as you desire. I sit across from you in my desk chair.

Materials: For longer programs I provide for you a binder with your astrology chart, an interpretation of the chart, and your first homework assignment. For the Parallax Program, I input your birth information into my computer and generate an astrological chart within a minute of your arrival. I use the chart to give me deeper perspectives of your personality, challenges and strengths. I will also bring up a second chart that contains your birth chart plus the current transiting planets. We can track events and aspects that may be triggering certain conditions in your life at present, and we can look ahead briefly if there are any aspects of note to pay attention to. I like to keep this portion to 5-10 minutes depending on your level of interest in these influences in your life.

Preparation for Trance: We then spend about 5-10 minutes discussing what has brought you into the office. I like to hear about your overall goals. This is the big picture of who or where you would like to be further into the future. Then we discuss what would be wonderful for you to achieve in your present session. We can spend more time in conversation if that is comforting or helpful to you. However, additional conversation or explanation is not necessary for me to do my work. Most all information that I need to know can be revealed during the session, as it is needed.

Our Work Together:  At this point it is time for you to kick back and get comfortable. We begin with a relaxing induction to focus you and ignite your imagination. Where we go in the session is always organic and unique to an individual. I take cues from your responses and from the lead provided by your subconscious mind. These are what will determine the speed and direction of the session.

You will always know that you are in my office, speaking with me. You will always be able to take care of yourself during the session—take a drink of water, ask for a blanket, take a break to use the restroom, and so forth. You will also have the ability to withhold information that you are not ready or willing to share. You are never out of control. The experience is similar to waking from a dream and retelling it to a friend. You may still remember the visions and the emotions, yet you are fully aware of where you are and that you are talking with your friend. Many people don’t really realize that they are in a trance until I bring them out. It is at that point that they seem to notice how far it seems to be to come back out and orient to the present time and space.

Some people are very focused during the session and don’t notice any noises in the environment, while others are very aware if a dog barks down the street or an airplane flies overhead. Either way, we are able to accomplish deep and fascinating work.

Length of Session:  The sessions typically last two hours. Shorter sessions can be booked, but are not recommended except for children or other various contingencies. Over the years I realized that one hour was  not enough time to make really significant headway. And my goal for each session is that the client observe noticeable alteration or change in their behavior, thoughts, responses, etc. Some of the changes may be subtle, while some clients claim quite radical and extraordinarily profound change—even in one session.

It turns out that a two hour session actually gives the client about 20-40 extra minutes of actual work time compared to two one-hour sessions. In a one hour session, 15-20 minutes may be taken up with discussing goals, getting into trance, and our concluding conversation. That leaves 40-45 minutes of solid work. Two one-hour sessions would require double that—so 30-40 minutes in discussion and 80-90 minutes working. Comparatively, a single two-hour session would involve the same 15-20 minute preparation and discussion time, leaving 105 minutes of solid work time. That is at least an additional 15 minutes of time focused on creating the changes and results that you are here to achieve. (That doesn’t even take into consideration the drive time, gas, and resources to come here twice.)

Achieving Your Goals: With our time together, the following can be experienced or achieved:


  • Changes in habits, attitudes, or behaviors – weight, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and more
  • Improved relationships and communication
  • Stronger self-esteem, confidence, courage, sense of self
  • Discovery of emotional/psychological cause of disease and conditions
  • Alterations to and, perhaps, elimination of disease, dysfunction and conditions
  • Removal of blocks to prosperity, goals, achievements
  • Cause and relief of anger, rage, reactionary behaviors
  • Past life regression
  • Soul retrieval
  • Spirit guide communication
  • Strengthened connection to higher self/spirit guides/spirituality
  • Communicating with deceased loved ones
  • Exploration of personal values and life purpose or soul purpose
  • Healing from abuse of any sort
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Journeying into the future to see your potential successes and challenges, get answers, change your future, become your own psychic
  • Issues of clutter, hoarding, procrastination…
  • You name it!

Concluding Our Session: At the end of the session, I bring you out of trance. Most of the integration process will have taken place during the trance state for deeper assimilation. Still, before you leave we will take a few minutes to discuss your experience, and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently there will be assignments for you to participate in at home, such as journal entries, creating your value system, and such. This deepens your integration of the session, and gives you action items to maintain your momentum from our work together.



For the Professional – or Aspiring Professional

Choose between a variety of professional training courses. Earn CEUs.

Specific courses lead to the designation of Certified Hypnotherapist or Past Life Regression Specialist.

No previous experience needed to join these training courses. Many people state that they are worth taking just for the personal growth opportunities that are a natural by-product of these experiences, along with the opportunity to upgrade their professional offerings.

Hypnotherapy: Professional Training Intensive

Hypnotherapy: Past Life & Spiritual Exploration

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Home Study Certification Course

Mentor Series

Clarity Coaching for Hypnotherapists


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For the Inspired Traveler

Mary Lee occasionally leads groups to sacred sites such as Italy, England, Ireland, SE Asia, Puerto Rico, and Peru. Check the schedule for any upcoming travel  journeys to fascinating places around the globe.