Imagine having a tool that will instantly boost your confidence, self-esteem, discipline, or courage!  We all have times when we want to be “on”—but that mind state is not always available to us. Now, you can turn that confidence on as easily as a light switch.

The subconscious mind is a deep reservoir containing detailed memories of every experience you’ve ever had—including the moments when you were at the peak of your personal energy and ability.Even when you are feeling inadequate, self-conscious or fearful, your subconscious can easily access the “positive programming” you have received in the past.

This CD will help you create or discover a symbol you can use to turn “no way” into “no problem.”  Use the CD to get a lifelong empowerment trigger, or get symbols for specific tasks like asking for a raise or giving an important speech. Mary Lee’s clients have even used it to get that perfect golf swing!

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help.  Everything went wonderfully.  I also had forgotten to mention that I too have your Client Centered book and it was very helpful.  The one thing that all my clients love is the Empowerment Symbol.  I now use it with almost all my clients.Your career is such an inspiration to me!”
~ Angela D., Calgary, Canada

“Your CDs Restful Sleep, Your Empowerment Symbol, and Opening to Prosperity, have been a great comfort to me. There is not a night I do not listen to one of them as I fall asleep. You have a special gift. Thank you.”
~ Trudi, California

Instantly connect to dynamic courage and confidence! Your personal empowerment symbol will give you the inner strength you need to reach your goals—anywhere, anytime.

Instant Download – $5.00