Dear Soulful Seeker,

Are you ready for sustained support on your life journey to carry you gracefully through major or long-term decisions, challenges, growth, and change? Do you want a coach to guide you, lend support, listen, and facilitate inspired and creative solutions?

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Are you someone who is..

  • Businessman under stress conceptoutwardly successful and yet still seeking meaning and purpose in your life?
  • struggling with depression or addiction—and needing a pathway to regaining your life
  • working hard but needing to stop hitting a wall of limitations?
  • well-liked in your community, and yet know you are struggling to find your authentic self
  • ready to be done with old habits and baggage that just aren’t working for you anymore?
  • wanting guidance while facing a divorce or major breakup?
  • building and developing your business and need creative solutions or conflict resolution?
  • ready to do a major overhaul on your life?

Hi there. My name is Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D.


Thirty years ago I was living as a housewife in a large home with all the amenities. I had a Mercedes, traveled the world, and had a full-time housekeeper and a part-time nanny for my children.

I had acquired everything that I was told was supposed to create my dream life.

But I was unhappy, felt disconnected, and had no idea about my purpose. I didn’t know what I was here to do or to accomplish, and I didn’t feel good about myself.

Other than managing the household and picking up my kids at school, I didn’t have a purpose. I didn’t even have a sense of the purpose of being alive. And I knew there had to be more than this to life.

The interesting thing was that I had read all the books and studied tarot, astrology, and even eastern philosophy, yet I still didn’t understand how to integrate that into my personal life. I didn’t know what was I supposed to do with all that information, and most of all, I didn’t know who I was.

All of that changed one day.

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I found a spiritual mentor who I could trust and who had the wisdom and skills to help me navigate my life path. I jumped in with both feet and fully invested in myself.

It was the most worthwhile investment I’ve made in many life times!

I gained self-esteem and understanding of my purpose, and began to walk that path joyfully. I went from being a lost housewife and mother, to creating a successful, purposeful career, and experiencing a deep and profound connection to my true essence and a greater connection to my spiritual world.

Most of all, I gained a deeper understanding of who I am, and the courage and confidence to go out into the world to build a lifestyle based on my passions and purpose. Growing up in the ’60’s I thought to pursue purpose and spirituality I would have to give up on my material luxuries. I have discovered that you CAN have it all!

Today I am a 5-time published author, a spiritual life coach, and a clinical hypnotherapist with a PhD in Behavioral Psychology. I teach hypnotherapy, past life regression, and spiritual coaching techniques. I work with individuals who are ready to connect with the passions of their soul, and step into the lifestyle they were created to experience.

Incidentally, while pursuing spirituality and my deepest passion and purpose, I didn’t have to give up my creature comforts or prosperity consciousness. I created a new life in a loving, nurturing relationship, live in a beautiful home, drive a luxury vehicle, and travel the world! I manifested ALL my dreams.

My mission is to facilitate your inner journey of self-discovery and to help you create the greatest life you envision for yourself.

I want to help you soar from managing to get through the day… to “WOW!”

I want you to be carried from the doldrums to smooth and steady sailing, to live from a place of authenticity, and walk a path of passion and purpose.Love Tree

ZEPHYR:  Noun: ˈzefər/

Zephyr is the gentle wind from the west, the most favorable and auspicious wind.

Is it time for your life to be lifted by a gentle and auspicious wind?

ZEPHYR: Sustaining Flow is for you if:

  • you are ready for a major breakthrough in your life
  • you need or want a consistent, experienced, partner in guiding you through a life passage
  • you desire a coach who can hold a deep, loamy pool of energy for you to do your deepest work
  • you are grieving, unloading a lot of baggage, reorganizing your life and lifestyle, going through a divorce, or major business transition
  • you need an understanding ear, words of wisdom, intuitive insights, and energetic protection
  • heal and resolve otherwise unexplained or long-term illness, disease, personality quirks, addictions, phobias, and fears
  • you want clarity, vision, and confidence to walk your path
  • you want to experience the richness of your soul and develop the highest potential of your consciousness

Your program will be specifically tailored to your needs and goals, and may result in such things as:

  • greater insights into who you are, and the basis of your values and choices
  • aspects of your character previously unknown to you
  • insights into relationships and why you are drawn to certain people and repelled by others
  • correction of dysfunctional relationships (I facilitate a fascinating technique that has even brought about growth and change in the other person!)
  • resolve karmic issues and contracts with others
  • clarity of your cycles of behavior and how they play out over many lifetimes as well as in this one

  • heal and resolve otherwise unexplained illness, disease, personality quirks, addictions, phobias, and fears
  • open your energetic channels to attract wealth and healthy relationships
  • profound and authentic forgiveness—of self and others
  • change your future course, and in many cases even change your past! (You may have to experience this to truly understand the power—and reality—of this possibility.)
  • reduce the fear of dying and gain insights into the death experience
  • meet and communicate with your spirit guides to enjoy lifelong guidance
  • learn about your decisions for choosing the present life path, and your purpose for this present incarnation
  • deepen your self-awareness, enhance your memory and expand your entire consciousness
  • trust in your own intuition so that you can stop deferring to others, second guessing yourself, and letting opportunities pass you by because you’re unclear
  • learn to trust yourself when you can’t trust others
  • learn to stand up for yourself with a partner or difficult family members
  • learn to identify the difference between filling a void vs. a true desire so that your choices are always congruent with your highest best interest.
  • feel lighter both physically and energetically, with peace of mind knowing that you’ve cleared past life residue.

Here are some of the profound results my clients have experienced from working with me:

(Identities must be masked due to therapeutic confidentiality.)

Life Transformation

Mary Lee works miracles! I’ve had about 7 sessions with Mary Lee and she is absolutely amazing. When I first came to her, my life was chaotic and messy. I was so fearful of everything it was hard for me to even interact with the grocery clerk.

I have had a lot of turmoil and difficulties throughout my life. With all the challenging life situations, I felt like I was losing grip and will power to even try. It was hard for me to believe in myself or feel that I can change my life for the better. Luckily, during those times, I met Mary Lee by enrolling in one of her classes. It was as if the universe brought me to her knowing that if there’s anyone who can help me, it would be Mary Lee. She helped me get unstuck and energized just in the first hypnotherapy session. She will help you much more in one session than years of traditional behavioral/cognitive counseling through your health plan.

Mary Lee is kind, compassionate, brilliant, and wise. I highly recommend her for anyone who has been struggling in their life for way too long. She helped me see the possibilities in me, and the changes have been real and lasting. I am truly grateful for Mary Lee!
~Diep Tran, Yorba Linda, CA (Name used with permission)

Disturbed Sleep

I am so thankful for the immediate improvement with my very rare sleep breathing problem I have suffered with for many years. I was waking up many times in a given night with shortness of breath and anxiety. Western medicine could not find a solution for me.

Mary Lee helped me to find the root of this problem through  hypnosis and gave me incredible resources on how to manage it daily.  I can sleep now without any problems and wake up full of energy. Thank you for the great treatments sessions. I highly recommended you to anyone who wants to improve quality of life!!
~ JT

“I forget how stressful my life was before.”

“I wanted to write you now that some time has passed since our sessions together. My life has gotten so much better since I came to see you that sometimes I forget how stressful my life was before. You’ll remember my marriage was on the rocks and I had one foot out the door. Your techniques allowed me to see my past lives with my husband and why we are together again now. I realized the lessons that we had to work through, and I also realized my part in the problems. Thank you so much for gently and firmly guiding me to important realizations and to resolving our troubles. We have moved to …. and I just wanted you to know that we are still together, happy, and working through the stuff of life—now with some valuable tools I took away from our sessions.” ~ Liz P.

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“…a talented and gifted healer.”

“I have had four past life regression sessions with Mary Lee Labay and each one was miraculous and life changing. Mary Lee is the very best hypnotherapist in the Northwest. If you have an opportunity to work with her, your life will change forever for the better. She is a talented and gifted healer. Because of my sessions with Mary Lee, I am happier and much more successful in life. If you have the chance to work with her … DO IT! You will be glad that you did. She is AMAZING!” ~ Sylvia H.


Here is what you can expect from your ZEPHYR: Sustained Flow experience:

In this multi-session series, Mary Lee will guide you through a deep and profound experience that will guide you to a deeper understanding of who you are. Because we have six or more months of sessions to share, you will have sustained support and realize substantial and lasting change and growth.

Beginning with setting our first in-office (or phone) appointment, together we will create the intention and focus for our time together. I will take your birth information so I can create your personally-tailored playbook that will include your astrology birth chart and progressed chart, along with a printed interpretations for each. Throughout our work together, I will provide you with suggested activities and exercises to deepen the exploration and integration of the discoveries and changes that are initiated.

During each session, whether in the office or by phone, we will set a goal for the session that moves us closer to the overall intention of our work together. I will take a brief look at your astrology chart with current transits to look for present and upcoming challenges and opportunities. Then I will guide you through an organic client-centered protocol combining any number of techniques at my disposal that will be perfectly tailored for your individual needs.

You will be held in an energetic space that supports your learning and growth, and allows you to feel safe and comfortable to plunge deeply into your greater consciousness.

Throughout the cycle of our sessions you will continue to progress incrementally towards a deeper understanding of who you are and your purpose, removing blocks to your progress, and setting you firmly on a path to your highest goals and desires.

Your ZEPHYR: Sustaining Flow program includes:

  • Private one-on-one sessions with Mary Lee (approximately 24 hours, divided over 12 sessions, typically two session per month for six months) in a luxurious and comfortable office—or by phone or Skype.


  • Expert guide with 30+ years of spiritual training and professional experience to provide a multitude of techniques that are specifically tailored to achieve the greatest results.

And these additional bonuses to support you:

  • A personalized playbook with your astrology birth chart and progressed chart along with interpretations for each
  • Optional tarot card reading to get fresh perspectives and insights ($200 value)
  • Six months free membership in the Awareness Engineering Membership Site providing you with unlimited access to guided visualizations and recorded live workshops ($30 value)
  • Home study assignments to deepen your personal growth and support the integration of our work together ($400 value)

Only four new ZEPHYR: Sustaining Flow clients
can be accepted each month to provide the highest level of attention
to the details for each valued participant.

Set up your Discovery Call today to determine whether we are a good fit to work together
toward fulfilling your life goals and desired lifestyle!


Mary Lee LaBay